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December 29, 2009, 3:01 pm
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so i got the results from my second beta today (which was drawn LAST WEDNESDAY, thank you xmas).


that is some crazy doubling time (37.45 hrs.!)  especially given that my first draw was 16 DPO at 3 something in the afternoon and my second draw was 18 DPO at 10 something in the morning.

so can someone explain my lab’s chart to me?  according to it i am still “out of range.” 

here are the ranges on the results sheet:

Non Pregnant:  <5
0-1 week:  5-50
1-2 weeks:  40-300
2-3 weeks:  100-1,000
3-4 weeks:  500-6,000
1-2 months:  5,000-200,000
2-3 months: 10,000-100,000

now the measurement the lab uses is IU/L and the common measurement on most of the charts on the internets is mIU/ml.  that said, those are exactly equivalent to one another, right?

so as far as i can tell, the intervals given by the lab are some kind of crazy.


all of the charts/ranges/whathaveyou that i have seen online indicate that these are great numbers so i’m going with that, and waiting for the ultrasound.  we’re waiting until week 8 for that to avoid extra stress should we do one earlier and not see a heartbeat. 

holy crap.  i think i’m pregnant.


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I think I would ignore the lab’s chart and stick with the betabase. I have the suspicion the lab considers one-two weeks pregnant to be week 4-5 from last period. Your number sounds pretty darn good according to the betabase.

And, holy crap, I can’t believe they tortured you with nearly a week of waiting!

Comment by mrs spock

Down here, we’d say you done gone and took serious what was poked at you in fun.

Congrats on the doubled beta.

Comment by carlarey

That’s a great number and doubling time! The intervals on the chart that you listed look a bit off to me. I went with the BetaBase numbers for my pregnancy and that seemed to be more accurate. Either way, best wishes and congrats!

Comment by Road Blocks and Roller Coasters

They made you wait a week? Gits. But still, what a Christmas present! Congratulations and hurrah!

Comment by May

Oh, good! I’m glad to see this. And I think Mrs Spock is right on with her assumption about the dating in this chart. If 0-1 were the first week after your period, there’s no way you’d see 5-50. But this was long ago, and I’m sure you’ve come to terms with the numbers. Congrats!

Comment by furrow

Echoing the comments that the dating on those charts is post-o. My RE explained that to me.

So happy to see that #! What a great holiday present — even it was delayed a little.

Comment by ms planner

I am not up on beta levels, but I think you, my dear, are pregnant!

Comment by docgrumbles

I love it!! Sounds like such positive news!

Comment by coffeegrl

I agree with Mrs Spock. They may be counting from date of ovulation, not CD1 of last period, putting their figures a whopping 2wks out. The doubling time is good, though – go with that!


Comment by Bea

My beta hever doubled, but was high from the get-go.

Lab reference rangers can eb a bit grain-of-salt because they may generate them by using their own submitted samples and simply collating self-reported gestational age to go with the betas they get.

Plenty of women get the gestational age out of whack, and presumably the ranges may also multiples, miscarriages and the like.

I don’t bother with betabase for that exact reason.

Either way I am crossing my crossables for you,


Comment by g

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