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i hate numbers
December 23, 2009, 11:49 am
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beta #1: 401 @ 4w2d

low. i know it doesn’t count until the second number comes in, but I have to admit i’m a little worried.


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That’s a fantastic beta! Why are you worried? Just general background worry? It doesn’t seem low at all to me.

At 16dpo I would be happy with anything over 100, although I would prefer closer to 200 (and I would take anything over 70 and run with it). 400 would get me shouting with relief! I’d say so far so good, and fingers crossed for the next one.


Comment by Bea

Yeah, i read a bit online and it made me feel better. The stupid form from the lab says that 500-6000 is the range for 4-5 weeks. so nervewracking! i saw on betabase that the median is 200 so i don’t know where they get their numbers!

Thanks though, Bea. you Made me feel better.

Comment by meganlisbeth

I was going to say – that seems really HIGH to me. My first beta was 131 and I’m just about 15 weeks now. With my first it was 140 something.

Merry Christmas!!

Comment by Cara

Hi C — congratulations! i’m so out of the loop! i’m so happy for you! you make me feel better too. do you know how many DPO you were when you had your first beta? xo m

Comment by meganlisbeth

I think that is a fantastic number! A belated congratulations to you. Keeping everything crossed for you! xoxo

Comment by Nikole

What?!? That’s a great number! Congrats and wishing you a speedy wait to beta #2!

Comment by sarah

That does look like a good number! Second number yet?

Comment by mrs spock

I know you can’t help but worry. I’m crossing my fingers for you, but it sounds good to me.

Comment by carlarey

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