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and now holy f$%&, santa!
December 18, 2009, 7:54 pm
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so yesterday, every time i went to the washroom i held my breath.  it was 12 DPO and ever since my cycles returned, every cycle but one i’ve started spotting by 11DPO.  yesterday?  no spotting. 

this morning?

i peed on a stick.

i have now peed on three sticks. 

all of them positive.

i’m cautiously hopeful.  

please stick around, little one.  please.

i’m still holding my breath every time i go to the loo.    i feel like i’m dreaming.  don’t pinch me.  please.


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Merry Christmas!


Comment by Bea

Congratulations! Keeping everything crossed for you that this is indeed a sticky bean! :)

Comment by Road Blocks and Roller Coasters

ooo exciting! Merry Christmas.

Comment by Caro


Comment by mrs spock

Hah! Excitement! Congratulations! And best wishes and Merry Christmas!

Comment by May

Wonderful news!!! Congratulations! I’m very happy for you!

Comment by Cara


Comment by sarah

No pinching here. Fingers crossed!


Comment by Serenity

Ho! Ho! Ho! What a present! Stick baby, stick! I’m so beyond thrilled for you :-)!!

Comment by furrow

Woohoo! Merry Christmas!

Comment by Nicole

Holy F_ ck, Santa is right! Wow. Such good news! The best Christmas present ever. Wow.

Comment by ms planner

That is such amazingly wonderful news! I’m thrilled to hear that you got the best present imaginable!!!

Comment by coffeegrl

eeek! So exciting!!!

Comment by chicklet

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