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oh for f&%$’s sake
December 15, 2009, 1:57 pm
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i offer no excuses. 

things have been busy and good.  Auden is the most amazing human on the planet.  feel free to disagree with me.  i know i’m biased.  he’s just such a little PERSON these days.  i know he has always been a little person, but he is simply EXPLODING inwards and outwards these days. 

he’s transitioned from the infant centre to the toddler centre at day care, and transitioned well.  he now eats snacks and lunch in a little CHAIR at a little TABLE and naps in a small BED.  so cute.  so awesome. 

he’s home with his daddy this week as daddy is on vacation and mommy is (hardly?) working.   i miss him.

we spent just under a week in Tofino in the end of November.  it was awesome, though sleep destroying. 

today i’m perhaps 10 DPO.  simultaneously hopeless and hopeful.  went and got my flu shots anyway.  i’ve one day left on my fertil1ty fr1end VIP membership.  considering renewing immediately for possible murphy’s law benefits.  then again, i’ve been putting a lot of faith in such mysterious and flawed benefits for the past couple of months with no result.  sigh. 

i tell you this, a second line would be an awesome christmas present.  i’m getting so tired of trying. 

i hope you all are well. 

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I think a second line would be an awesome Christmas present too! No sooner did I see the RE than my body stopped its super early ovulation, and I think I might have a slightly better chance this month. Plus I just filled my script for Femara and hope Murphy’s Law gets me good.

Comment by mrs spock

Good luck with that line.


Comment by Bea

For real. Best present ever. Have you written your letter to Santa?

Comment by furrow

Come on line – come on line!!

Comment by coffeegrl

Hey, you! Missed you!

Glad Auden is being adorable and wonderful and a little chair? A little bed? THE CUTE! I DIE.

I use the free version of fertil1ty fr1end, and I’m fine with that. To be honest, the lack of masses of details is a good thing, as it stops me obsessing like a demented woman and comparing cycles over and over and over…

May you get the Christmas you wish for.

Comment by May

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