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CD11 update on CD3
October 22, 2009, 11:24 am
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i can’t tell you todays date and can barely remember that it is thursday, but i CAN tell you that it’s CD11.

my blood work results came back yesterday.

FSH 3.4
Estradiol 31.06 *

*if this site‘s information about converting my Canadian results (114 pmol/L) to American measurements can be trusted.

and if this site is to be trusted, those numbers are kind of awesome, right?

still processing the doula workshop.  aside from being awesome, it brought up a lot of stuff for me.  stuff i thought i was “over.”  turns out i’m still not okay with our birth experience.  i know this is my blog and i can cry if i want to about whatever i want, but for some reason i’m wary of dealing with it here as i know some of you are still deep in the trenches and likely don’t want to listen to me talk about how messed up i still am about requiring interventions while i birthed my healthy child.  then again, i need to do it somewhere so i can put this in a place that is more dormant than it is now.  perhaps if i publish with a disclaimer at the top?



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I’m totally jealous of your FSH. I would be very happy to hear your feeling about you birth experience. Lay it on us.

Comment by furrow

It’s your blog, and it’s your birth experience. Tell it!

Comment by carlarey

It is your space. Roll with it.

Comment by Ms Planner

I think the fact you’re becoming a Doula is fantastic. There are some very lucky expectant parents out there who will have your support and your gift for empathy to lean on.

As for the birth story, we your bloggy friends should be here to support and listen to YOU. It would be deeply UNfriendly and UNsupportive of us to make you feel you couldn’t share something that troubles you so. Especially as I suspect that part of the reason all the intervention has left such a mark is because once in the trenches, always a veteran, and more crap in the reproductive area, even if, thank God, it ends well, is another cut across an already scarred heart. Whatever you decide to share, I for one will be 100% supportive of you.

Comment by May

i think telling the whole story is an important part of blogging. those in the trenches may learn from your experience, or they can choose for themselves if they’re not up for that particular post on a particular day. but i hated being treated with kid gloves when i was on the other side.

Comment by sarah

I think you can write about whatever you want – even not being over the interventions. This blog is about you and your feelings. We all have things we need to vent about – so use this as an outlet to do that:-)

Comment by chicklet

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