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happy thanksgiving!
October 12, 2009, 12:54 pm
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we had the most wonderful day yesterday.  we went to the apple barn then barged in on some old friends for a while, eschewed naps, played a lot, drove a lot to get back home, then went out for a nice dinner where Auden managed to captivate several ladies from across the room.

today is thanksgiving, and a little less pleasant as we tend to necessary chores, but we’re heading to  a friend’s for turkey dinner tonight.   husband is upstairs trying to get Auden to nap with him….we have to hope that works or we will have a little bear on our hands tonight….another routine destroying night after a routine destroying day.  what else are holidays for, right?

in other, less thankful news — CD1 today.   the cycle, she begins again.


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Bummer about CD1, but hooray for throwing caution (i.e., naps) to the wind for holidays. Happy Thanksgiving, and have an extra glass of wine with your turkey. (hug)

Comment by furrow

Hope your holiday is great. Sounds like yesterday was fun for you all.

Good luck on this cycle.

Comment by carlarey

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