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October 8, 2009, 1:28 pm
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requisition for day three blood work acquired.    however, now that i’m looking at the thing, i see that it is only for FSH and estradiol.   do i also want TSH?   i kind of do, right?

if so, i could easily tick the TSH box on my requisition.  is there an ethical (or otherwise) issue that i should concern myself with before i edit?


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I have no idea. I don’t think there’s any ethical reason not to.

Comment by furrow

I can’t remember what was in Day 3 labs, but I don’t think TSH was one of them…Other than your doctor thinking, WTF?, I don’t think the cops are going to come and get you. If in doubt, play Colonol Klink…”I know nothink.”

Comment by mrs spock

i’m actually scared to do it now b/c next to the TSH tick-box it says “Provide indication above if additional thyroid test ordered” and i can’t be certain if ticking the box means that i’m ordering an additional test or not. i think it’s best to play it safe, though why i’m so worried about the consequences i’m not sure…

Comment by meganlisbeth

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