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October 8, 2009, 9:41 am
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9 DPO today.  how i feel about this depends on which side of me you ask.

cynical/logical me is going to the GP today to ask for a requisition for Day 3 blood work and a metformin refill.  cynical/logical me is certain that this cycle is a bust, AF is round the bend, and scoffs at the other side of me.

stupid/hopeful me notes that i have been nauseous since yesterday morning, couldn’t eat my tuna sandwich for lunch for fear of hurling, and is still woozy as i type this.   i typically don’t have any issues with nausea. 

cynical/logical me crinkles up such notes and assures herself that this is mere coincidence.  she also notes that 8 DPO is likely WAY too early for any wooziness to be of happy consequence.

stupid/hopeful me can’t help but notice that i have also been very burpy and refluxy.  again — not common.  though i was all the time when i was…well, you know.

cynical/logical me points again at coincidence and that bit about 8/9 DPO.

stupid/hopeful me was not unhappy to note that she is feeling, um, a bit blocked this morning, though feels it rude to expand on that.

cynical/logical me is again chalking it up to coincidence and the simple fact that not so much food was ingested yesterday, and also feels it might be rude to expand further.   she is also fond of reminding the other one that it is ONLY 9 DPO so shut it already.

cynical/logical me would also like to remind stupid/hopeful me that her pants only came off for babymaking once during the last monitor defined fertile phase and that during said event there were happenings that might make conception a bit difficult.

stupid/hopeful me merely wants to eat/wretch/burp.  


my LPs have been short since the return of AF so there will be a resolution here in a day or two anyway.  in the mean time, i’m sure the two sides will continue their battle.   so tiresome.


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Yep. The 2ww death spiral. Hate it. REALLY hate it.

*hug* Hang in there.


Comment by Serenity

The 2WW should be abolished. No fun at all. I want to go into stasis for those days. Last cycle I had all the same symptoms as my pregnancy cycle. Even the new ones that I never had before in a non-preg cycle. It’s evil.

Comment by furrow

Someone needs to invent a 4DPO pregnancy test. I would totally prick my finger once a month for that in lieu of teetling on a stick.

Comment by mrs spock

omg no kidding. why hasn’t this happened?

Comment by meganlisbeth

Wow, how did you get into my head? These days cynical/logical me is beating stupid/hopeful me into a pulp. I’m a little more comfortable with that. Hope you get some resolution soon.

Comment by xj2608

Yet another fun side affect of infertility: multiple personality disorder.

Comment by WannabeMommy

I’m 9 dpo today too. Knowing is so tantalizingly close.

Comment by Lorin

Waiting sucks! Hope you get an answer soon.

Comment by Kristin

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