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September 30, 2009, 3:53 pm
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it’s finally fall.  i love fall.  fall is more about a rebirth for me than spring is.   it’s a time for re-connecting with so many things.   re-connecting with my mom who was just here for a week’s visit.  re-connecting with wool as it is seriously time to knit.  re-connecting with jeans, knee-socks, and sweaters.  re-connecting with nature as i’m one of those gals who would rather shun the sun.   re-connecting with all things birth-support related as my doula course is coming up.  re-connecting (or really connecting in new ways) with Audie as he explores the new colours, textures, and feel that autumn brings.   his new thing is smelling flowers.   i love it.   he wants to go to our neighbours yard that has tons of flowers so he can smell them.  every leaf he picks up, he smells…..all with the sweetest look on his face.   my love for that boy is so much bigger than anything i’ve ever known, and somehow keeps growing.   my heart is bigger than i ever knew. 

operation sibling likely a bust again this cycle.   one well-timed go, though it was perhaps poorly….um…contained?  did i just go overboard on the TMI scale?  :)

hope you are all welcoming fall and all of it’s glories.


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I think we’re a bust here too!

I don’t think I could ever live in a place that didn’t have this change of seasons. We’re going to a local farm this weekend for a fall hayride, cider, and corn maze. My favorite season!

Comment by mrs spock

Sorry that the cycle is probably a bust. T loves to smell the lavender in our garden – it’s so cute.

Comment by caro

I also love fall (I think all nerds do because it reminds us of the start of school), but then I get sad when it recedes into winter.

Remind me (or us), when are you going to an RE? Are you planning to yet? You don’t have to wait a whole year, do you?

Comment by furrow

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