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what a tease
September 23, 2009, 10:59 am
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in my grumpy fit i tell you i have good news then disappear… i realised today that i haven’t posted in forever and left you hanging to boot.  then i realised that my momma is coming into town tomorrow and it would be at least another week before posting again so…work be damned!  it’s blogging time!

my good news is simply this — i’m registered for birth doula training next month.  i met with our doula a few weeks ago and she inspired me to just take the course.  we met to talk doula-ey things in general and she was (not surprisingly) SO inspiring.  she reminded me that i need not quit my job and try to make a living as a doula instantly.  tiny steps are the name of the game here and if i waited for perfect timing, i would never take the course.  it’s a weekend workshop so not a huge deal in the first place but it seemed like a big step for me.   i’m very excited.  the same week i registered for the course i also got in touch with a local childbirth organization that offers pre/post natal courses, breastfeeding classes and support, etc.  i’m doing some volunteer work for them now and am considering apprenticing with them to be able to teach classes.  the only con with training to be a childbirth educator with this organization is that i’m really only ‘certified’ to teach with them.  there is a certification program with the same college that hosts the doula programs but it’s pricey so it has to wait. 

so, that’s my good news.  it feels really really good to be making time for something that i’m passionate about.  it’s making sitting at my desk at work a little easier, knowing that work i’m passionate about may be on the horizon (no matter how distant that horizon). 

in repro news:  it’s CD16 and i’m on my 3rd day of ‘high’ readings.  this is a good sign.  i like it when things progress earlier in my cycle than usual.  that said, bodily fluids don’t seem to match what the monitor is saying but i’m not fretting about that too much.  not great timing though as my mom comes in for a visit tomorrow. . . oh well.  operation sibling must proceed!


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How exciting! What an amazing step in a new direction.

Comment by coffeegrl

It must feel great to be taking these exciting steps. Now tell Auden to let his mommy sleep! She has to keep her mind sharp for new info.

Comment by furrow

Very cool, congrats!!

Comment by chicklet

That’s great! Too bad about the visit timing but good luck with the “operation”!

Comment by sarah

Whoo hoo! That’s terrific news. You’ll make a great doula.

Good luck with sibling op. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

Comment by carlarey

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