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September 1, 2009, 12:18 pm
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last week Auden was at day care as usual (tues, weds, thurs) while i was at home on sick leave.  he did really, really well there last week, which is completely unfathomable from my end as he didn’t have his lunch time nursing sessions with mommy.  ;)

this week brings changes (don’t they all?).  an exciting change for him — going outside w/ the other kids and visiting toddler centres.  i’m tickled at the thought of him being outside with the kids.  i just called the infant centre and he had a great time. 

i wish i could see his every step, listen to his every breath, and see everything he sees at the moment he sees it. 

but i can’t. 

i also can’t/shouldn’t/need to restrain myself from going to the centre at lunch time for our nursing sessions.  it has been harder for him to say good-bye…and he did so well last week without them that his care givers think that it’s best to carry on without them. 

it’s now lunch time and i’m a sobbing mess. 

he, however, is having an awesome day and is about to eat lunch after his great outdoor adventure.  

as he is MY teacher, i should follow his lead.  i will get up, get my lunch, and anxiously await our afternoon reunion…. i just have to blow my nose one more time.


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Oh, poor mama. It’s so, well, motherly of you to put his needs above yours.

Comment by furrow

It’s hard to let the little men grow up and do things on their own :(.

Comment by mrs spock

My two go into two days a week care soon, it’s going to be HARD.


Comment by g

It is hard – we’ve weaned completely and I miss it, I miss the closeness.

Comment by caro

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