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August 25, 2009, 12:12 am
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last night was another rough one with a 2:30 wake up and no rest for the wicked weary until . . . well i don’t even know when we both fell asleep.   sigh. 

i am bound to get some sleep soon though, and for a rather surprising reason.  i went to the doctor on friday to check up on these headaches i’ve been having.  i went reluctantly, at the urging of husband and my mom, and fully expected her to tell me to take an aspirin and call her in the morning.  instead, she is referring me to the neurologist and told me that i will not be working this week.  sick leave + neurologist?  seriously?  apparently.  she believes that i am simply exhausted.  this is true, particularly today, but isn’t that par for the course with a near 16-month old?  they aren’t presenting as migraines (i have a long-ago history of those) but rather a general achey-ness that really never goes away.  it started over a week ago after a bout of what may be “ice pick headahes” which are as nasty as they sound, although short lived (5-30 seconds in duration).  sigh.  i was instructed to be LYING DOWN when not with my son.  ha.  rather impossible, no?  she told me not to clean the house, not to run errands, but to LIE DOWN and rest.  i’m not very good at that, especially on a weekend when the husband wants to go do this and that and i really do too… today i’m alone with auden so seriously, there has been no lying down.  tomorrow i will be a good patient and take the little one to day care (and worry all day about how he will manage to survive without my lunch time nursing visit) and sleep sleep sleep.  i plan on doing that for three days straight.  we’ll see how it works out. 

on top of all of this resting i’m supposed to be doing, the monitor is on it’s third day of ‘high’ readings so it’s time to do the things that most people prefer NOT to do when they have a headache… and the past two cycles one of us has been sick.  hopefully this is not an omen.


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I have been really headachey recently too. I don’t think I’m getting enough of the right (ie not junk) foods to eat. It’s related to hormone swings, too – I feel best when I’ve got my period now, there’s a turnaround, not much to be done about those hormones, though. So my question is: are you eating properly? Do I sound like your mother? Are you warm enough or do you need me to knit you another blanket?


Comment by Bea

Oh yeah – the sleep thing is tied in, though, less sleep, more energy needed… etc…


Comment by Bea

Oh, poor Megan! Sleep, sleep, sleep! I felt like crapola when Z was still waking all the time. It’s wonderful what a difference sleep will make. And good thing you can lie down while doing what your monitor is telling you to do ;)

Comment by furrow

Geez, that is some interesting advice from the doc. Is it really possible to have a toddler and sleep, because our little fellow doesn’t sleep through the night either.Hopefully this will do the trick!

Comment by mrs spock

Your poor head. It probably is sleep deprivation, but the ice-pick thing sounds awful. I really am wishing you lots of lovely rest (and some of the other), and a happy good-news visit to the neurologist.

Comment by May

Oh wow! Good luck with the relaxing thing.

Comment by caro

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Comment by Karen Maezen Miller

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