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May 25, 2009, 8:59 am
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CD 37.  i had forgotten how exhausting this roller coaster ride is. 

that said, i think i really did ovulate late in my cycle.  opks went negative and the ewcm dried up.  temping would be a nice confirmation but hard to accomplish when you never know when your 12 month old will wake up. 

this extended cycle has been a bit much for both the Husband and i.  when you're ready to fall asleep by 8pm it's hard to add procreating into the mix.  the timed sex was hard before we had a kid but now it seems extra onerous.  i know how lucky we are to still be able to try in our own bedroom — i get that, i do, and i'm grateful. 

i'm bummed out about this weird cycle though.  i knew i would be the minute things didn't go as expected.  it makes sense though.  that week that i was getting high readings on the monitor but never peaked was also Auden's orientation week at day care and my transition back into work.  a stressful time to say the least. 

trying to focus on the positives though.  Husband and i only managed to get out pants off once during the flurry of positive opks, but once is all it supposedly takes, no?


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Crazy, crazy body. I think I may have o’d late this month, too, but I didn’t do any monitoring (only going by crazy sex dreams and ewcm), so who knows. I hope your one pantless time will do it this month.

Comment by Furrow

I give you credit for tryiing on your own again. We’re not sure we want to head into that, we may go alternate routes if we decide we want a second. This was all a lot to take with just 2 of us – with 3, yea, ugh. Good luck though!

Comment by chicklet

stupid stress. knocks me out of whack every time too. hope you get back to normal soon!

Comment by sarah

How are you doing? Hoping all is well with all three of you.

Comment by May

Whacky, unpredictable cycles suck.

Comment by Bea

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