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CD 31 and wtf? (updated)
May 18, 2009, 3:46 pm
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okay, this will certainly be a TMI post, but here goes.

i woke up this morning with tons of EWCM and am still swimming in it.  today is CD 31.  my average cycle length is 33 – 34 days.

i kept dismissing it as the increase of fluid that can happen before your period is about to start, but it kept bugging me.  i was at the store and bought some waaay too expensive OPKs.  i just peed on one and the little bugger is positive.  wtf? 

i wish i was temping but just can't with Auden's wacky wake up times. 

any ideas, ladies?

(update:  peed on HPT — a good, fancy one too — this AM and it is as negative as it gets….  i almost had myself convinced i was pregnant after nearly googling myself to death last night.  this plus the extreme fatigue, slight nausea, and tender b00bs…  i suppose it's the sickness that has been going around our house and just the fact that i'm simply tired.  sigh.  will OPK later today.)


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My idea? Your body must be insane. LOL.

Comment by mrs spock

crazy as it sounds, i think you need to pee on an hpt!!

Comment by sarah

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