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May 11, 2009, 3:48 pm
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CD 24 and still the monitor reads high. 

I think IT is high.  High of another variety.

This is day 8 of continous high readings.  I've one stick left in a box of 20.  Not sure if I should carry on or just wait for next cycle.  I want the monitor to "get to know me" but this wooing process is quite expensive… (and ridiculous).


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I’d like to think maybe I’m not infertile, maybe I just got the CBE monitor possessed by the devil….but I only used it for 6 months. Maybe it’s confused between my body’s readings and yours, and trying to make sense of them…

Comment by mrs spock

you might have a repro system like mine. I would stay at high for weeks and it felt like unending limbo. When I would finally get a Peak I also felt surprised because I would get so used to seeing High!
Oh, and those expensive little sticks…can get add up in $$$ over time. I recommend trying to find a good deal online and buying a bunch, especially if you can get free shipping.
(Arg – I must say I don’t look forward to playing this game again some day)

Comment by docgrumbles

I never had much luck with my CBE. I sent it along to a friend. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck. I like the layout – it’s probably not new, but I’ve been bad about reading. Very, very bad.

Here from Blogger Bingo.

Comment by Mrs. Hope

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