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POAS much?
January 14, 2009, 2:12 pm
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i am perhaps certifiable.  i POAS this morning…why?  because my wrists have been hurting in the mornings over the past week.  they only other time they have ever bothered me was during my pregnancy.  i thought, "if my wrists hurt, maybe i'm knocked up! yea! how miraculous!" 

my period hasn't even started up again and here i am peeing on sticks.   i suppose it's a sickness one never really shakes.  what is perhaps more appalling is the MASS of sticks i have to pee on — both HCG and OPKs.  it's ridiculous.


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funny! when we went back for IVF round 2 the RE asked how long we’ve been trying this time around. i laughed. not at all! i want nothing to do with the “old fashioned” method, never even considered it happening. but you always hear about it, i hope you’re one of the lucky ones!!

Comment by sarah

I had the same thinking not long ago. No period, yet terrible gas – the kind that lasted for 2 weeks – just like when I first got pregnant a year and 9 months ago. Could it be? nope….

Comment by coffeegrl

It’s a good thing I don’t have any. I had a 32 day cycle last month (that’s really long for me) so I was tempted to buy some.

Comment by Furrow

ha ha! i just POAS the other day because i had eggwhite youknowwhat and i thought for a second that maybe my body was spitting out an egg. as if! no period back here yet, either, at 12 months…

Comment by carrie

Heh. Old habits die hard. I have to get rid of some here, I think…

Comment by Bea

I’ve just bought 40 more OPKs off the internet. Oy.

Comment by May

We used no BC until I started taking my Fibro meds again a few months after J was born- and I cop to peeing on one or two in that meantime…

Comment by mrs spock

It’s so addictive huh?
No period here either, nine months in.

Comment by Nikole

Don’t be surprised if I have a similar post in the coming months!

Comment by docgrumbles

I’ve resisted so far. But the urge? Rising. I may have to borrow some tongue depressors from work and pee on them to save money. I can draw in the oneline ahead of time.

Comment by Geohde

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