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happy holidays and such
December 19, 2008, 10:24 am
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…from the weakest blogger around!  as usual, i've been reading all of you, but commenting little.  i've little blogging time these days as i'm sure you can imagine.  i've no idea how people like Geohde(who has TWINS mind you!) continue to be amazing bloggers.  i can't even clean my house.  baby Auden is on the move now so i'm even busier than before!   i'm thinking of attaching a swiffer cloth to his belly.  we're of course no where near child proof so i'm scurrying after him constantly to save him from the danger that is our home.  we're constantly searching craig's list for gates (aha!  just found one!  only now i have to drive to Richmond to get it :( ) and i'm hoping when my dad comes for christmas he can install the cabinet locks…. 

the introduction of solid foods at six months also really threw me.  we're settling into a routine with them now but at first i thought i was going to loose my mind, and was convinced that it would be best for everyone if i simply exclusively breastfed him until he is 3.  it's still hard though, as some days he's really not too keen on solids….but you have to feed your child….but here he is crying in his high chair with his jaw clamped shut…but you have to feed your child!  i keep coming back to the chapter in Momma Zen about eating and reassure myself that my child will eat when he is hungry and will tell me when he's full and everything will be just FINE.  breathe, relax, take baby out of the damned high chair and play instead!  or nurse!  or SOMETHING!  ;)

solids are further complicated by the fact that his weight has not kept up with the growth curve…he's just fallen down to nearly the 50th percentile for weight.  he started off in the 95th, then dropped to the 75th, and now…  his height is still soaring though at the 90th percentile (though this too is down from 95th).   he only gained .33kg since the beginning of November — although he did grow 1.5cm. 

we just found this out the other day while seeing the NP for something else.  she told me to "feed him more," and when i told her he had been nursing more lately she said, "well, he's hungry."  probably not the best choice of words, right?  all of the sudden i felt like i was failing my starving baby.  we came home and naturally he wouldn't eat ONE BITE of lunch.  i tried to keep falling back on my intuition that everything was fine.  he's happy!  he's thriving! he (often) sleeps well!  tried though i might, i ended up feeling really panicky about this yesterday, but the moms from my moms group talked me off the ledge in the most amazing way.  i sent out a short little email asking if they had any tricks for getting more solids into baby and they all responded with novellas about how Auden is amazing and fine.  they reminded me that growth charts are simply averages (and skewed higher and higher as people get bigger and bigger), babies nutrients come primarily from breast milk until they are a year old, solid food is really all simply all about practice right now, etc. etc.  i felt much better then.

what i'm going to do instead of trying to force food into my child (a bad idea on numerous levels, i'm sure you will agree) is to nurse him more.  i'm adding two more planned nursing sessions to our day.  currently we nurse in the morning (which came at 4:45 this morning!), before each nap, before bed, and whenever else he wants during waking hours.  now we will also nurse when he wakes up from his naps.  hopefully this will get enough extra calories into him….even though i'm just not totally convinced he NEEDS them.  Auden is SUPER ACTIVE so it makes sense to me that he hasn't gained a ton of weight recently.

it's amazing how sensitive new mothers are.   that comment from the NP had me reeling by the next morning….against all of my own better judgment.  it's so strange.  i feel more confident in my abilities than ever on most days but it just takes the slightest little nudge to send me spiraling down in doubt. 

sigh.  okay — i'm off to pick up a baby gate to help protect my child from his home!  :)  i wish you all an amazing holiday season.  click here for my holiday card to you!

peek-a-boo auden from Megan on Vimeo.

want more auden vids?  click here


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Darned NP. She didn’t think before she said that.
How is Auden with finger foods? Zo got tired of spoon feeding pretty fast, but she loved self-feeding.
Once they start moving a lot, they do slim down. Zo did, as well. And now that she’s running (?!)I swear I don’t think she’s gained an ounce since her last check up 6 weeks ago.

Comment by Furrow

Oooh! I’m with Furrow. My daughter really wasn’t into the whole “you feed me from a spoon” thing. We didn’t start her on solids until 6 months and by then, she was all over the place active. So we’d give her a spoon of her own to bang around and sometimes that helped. Also, she really loved self-feeding from early on. I just learned to accept that she wasn’t going to be one of those babies (I’ve seen them!) who sit patiently and happily allow an adult to shovel food into them. HAH! Good luck and trust yourself! Sounds like you’re doing great.

Comment by coffeegrl

I have such a huge smile after watching that!
Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Comment by docgrumbles

I’m not that flash, promise. Naptime is my saviour!
But I shall slow down with the housemoving I am currently in the throes of. Sigh. Hate it. Muchly.

Comment by Geohde

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