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December 14, 2008, 1:25 pm
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i was going to post today something holiday like and Auden focused…

then i found out that an old friend of mine just lost her baby at nearly 24 weeks.  she went in for her regular check up only to find that she was 3 cm dilated.  then her water broke and shortly thereafter she gave birth to a still little girl.  i just have no idea what to say.  words are useless. 

they're letting the hospital handle everything.  no funeral.  no name.  but she is afraid that she will regret that decision. 

i just don't know what to say AT ALL.  i want to help, to comfort, but i'm totally at a loss.  i wish i could just go over to her house and hug her but we're many hundreds of miles apart.  i haven't even seen her for years. 

my heart is just broken for her though.  i wish i could help.


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I was the OB nurse for a patient who lost her baby at 19 weeks. She refused to look at him as he was born and made me take him away. I was so afraid she would regret never seeing her son. I convinced her to look at him for a moment- and she held him for hours and hours. She was so glad she did.
I am so sorry for her loss. I know very well that could have been me when J stopped moving.

Comment by mrs spock

Oh, Megan, I am so sorry. SO sorry. This so heartbreaking.

Comment by Nikole

Oh, how horrible. I can only imagine the grief.

Comment by Furrow

So sad!

Comment by docgrumbles

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