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November 6, 2008, 10:38 am
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i'm thrilled beyond measure about the Obama win…but it is bittersweet.  it's tainted by the ballot measures in California, Arkansas, Arizona, and Florida.  why why why do Americans keep enforcing this state mandated hatred?  why is a family not just a family?  a marriage not just a marriage?  how is my family any different/better/more acceptable than another family?  it's not.  this kind of thing has always upset me, but now that i have a son i'm even more horrified.  i can only hope that by the time my son grows older people wise up. 


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We British were by and large dancing up and down with excitement, and staying up all night to watch the results come in. I don’t think Americans can understand the impact this election has on the rest of us. HUGE. And I cried with happiness when Obama won.
As for California and the anti-gay thing. Well. I’m totally with you on this. What is WRONG with people? Why is it their problem what parts two adults in love have?
Love and hugs to Auden Song and tell him from me his mama is one cool lady.

Comment by May

yes, please let our kiddos live to see more enlightened times!

Comment by docgrumbles

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