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time is a ridiculous thing
October 31, 2008, 10:39 am
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auden song is 6 months old as of last wednesday.

me?  as of today, i’m 36 years old.  the time?  ridiculous.  



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I love Auden’s striped PJs. Happy 6 months! We’ll be there in a couple weeks. Where did the time go?

Comment by mrs spock

Auden = So!Cute!
Happy Birthday to you.
Time = I was in early labor this time last year, wondering if it was the real thing.

Comment by Furrow

Yes. Time is ridiculous.
And I have to say. Even with the face full of food, Auden looks full of wisdom. He’s like a Zen baby or something. I love it.

Comment by serenity

Hey, lovely to hear from you!
Auden is just too cute for words. Even smeared in food, I still want to kiss those cheeks.

Comment by May

Happy Birthday!
I am so glad you were born.
And that boy is pure sweetness, yes he is.

Comment by nikole

Happy Birthday!
Auden is so beautiful. :-)

Comment by Sticky Bun

Happy birthdays.

Comment by Bea

Happy birthday! And so so very cute…

Comment by chicklet

Happy birthday to you. :)
And boy oh boy does time fly….the faster the older I get!

Comment by Geohde

we have that same sushi bib, love it! happy birthday and a half! six month olds are so fun!!

Comment by Sarah

Happy birthday! What an adorable son you have!

Comment by ms. planner

Ya, times, NUTS!
Happy six mos, Auden. You are simply delicious!
And Happy bday to you, Meg.

Comment by Ms. C

Cutie Pie….need I say more. He is adorable.
Happy Birthday Momma!!!!

Comment by M

Happy Birthday! What a ride the last year? That’s some cute accomplishment you have there.

Comment by carlarey

Happy Birthday! AND, he is so freaking cute!!!!!

Comment by Merideth

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