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September 21, 2008, 3:48 pm
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 getting a kick out of terrifying your mother.
face plant audie

face plant audie

this is how the wee one insists on sleeping these days.  i suppose i shouldn’t complain…after all, in the past few weeks we’ve transitioned him from co-sleeper to crib, he’s learned to sleep unswaddled, AND learned that he doesn’t need a b00b in his mouth in order to fall asleep.  none of these are small feats, and he accomplished so much so soon!  so after all of that, how does one step in and say, “excuse me, but you simply cannot sleep LIKE THAT.”  know that his hands aren’t always under his face…often i walk in and find him in full face plant in the mattress.  i may never sleep again.i miss him now that he’s in his crib.  i loved having him sleep next to me in the co-sleeper.  i cried his first night in the crib.  a lot.  i suppose we didn’t have to do it right away, but the co-sleeper won’t be safe once he can sit up by himself so i thought we should do it while we still had some time instead of being forced into it.  what a big boy.  sigh.

look.  he’s scowling at me already. 
scowlie audie

scowlie audie

i’m kidding.  he’s my sweet angel.  all the time.  even from the next room.

last night we put him down for bed between 7 and 7:30 (i’ve stopped logging…).   i woke up at 5:30 in an absolute panic.  he hadn’t peeped all night long.  surely he was no longer breathing.  i ran into his room to find him in full face plant and the panic escalated.  i put my hand on his back, he stirred, and breathed the biggest sigh of relief…but was still to wound up to actually go back to sleep myself.  our night times are gradually getting better.  surely there will be regressions, but i’m generally content with how things are now.  often husband can put him to sleep now too which is just delightful.  we didn’t find that any one particular book addressed our issues.  we ended up doing some kind of combination of dr. s3ars and the baby wh1sperer….but it’s gotten even better since we found that he settles right down when you put him on his tummy, rub his back, and sing him a song.  i know, i know, “back to sleep,” but what do you do when your baby wakes up and cries the minute you put him on his back?  he rolls over on his own now, so i figure we could walk in there and find him on his tum regardless. 

check this out:

smiley audie

smiley audie

this picture is actually a month old…i just love it and realized that i hadn’t shown it to you.

hope you all had a good weekend!  xomegan


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I would be terrified too. But really, it sounds like all is good on the sleeping front. I’m curious to know how you helped him fall asleep unswaddled. We are working on that now, and it is not going well. We’ve also just moved her to her crib (boo hoo!) and I’m also trying to help her fall asleep on her own. It’s hard word. I’d love to hear what worked for you.

Comment by nikole

Once they can roll over, there’s no fighting nature. Boyo Diablo did the same thing, but he extended his arms above his head and slept like superman flying over Metropolis. He still sleeps that way, face mashed into a pillow, except now one arm and one leg dangle off the bed. No matter what size bed he sleeps in, he goes straight for the edge and hangs half himself off it.

Comment by carlarey

Zo slept on her tummy at night from around 4 months. She napped on her tummy from around 4 weeks. Shhh…. don’t tell anyone!
Good for you on the sleeping. So glad things are going well. And he is super, duper adorable, as I’m sure you’re aware.

Comment by Furrow

I, too, struggle with the tummy sleeping thing. If I put her to sleep on her back, she’s up in an hour. Yesterday, she slept for 3 hours but 3/4 on her tummy. Sigh. I am writing a post about sleep right now and will post it soon. So glad that your little guy slept through the night! That’s a major milestone.

Comment by Ms. Planner

The Boy has slept on his tummy since he learned to roll over at 11 weeks. The Pedi says if they do it independently, and can lift their head and move about on their own, it’s fine. Of course, that doesn’t keep me from doing a few breathing checks before bed, and when I wake up at night.

Comment by mrs spock

He is a cutie!
Just remember, everyone in our generation probably slept on our tummies as infants, and we’re all still alive, right?

Comment by Samantha

It’s fine, him sleeping on his tummy. It’s only dangerous when they are too little to lift their heads or roll by themselves. If his breathing gets a little impeded, he’s now strong enough to move his head a little and resettle. So it’s fine. It’s absolutely fine.
Like Samantha said, my sisters and I all were PUT on our tummies, as that was the advice going in Britain 30 years ago, and we all sleep on our tummies to this day, and we’re all marvellous.

Comment by May

He is just divine.
And to sleep for that long???
Oh how I wish my two would do that!

Comment by Geohde

Wow! The sleeping has come along in leaps and bounds! Probably makes a huge difference to him knowing he can position himself comfortably. We haven’t got that far yet… the four-month-old sleeping blues still upon us. Yawn.

Comment by Bea

He is gorgeous! That smile must make it all worth it.
A coworker had the same problem with her daughter. So, she and her husband took turns checking on her at night to make sure she was breathing ok. The pediatrician suggested teaching her to sleep in her carrier but that was only partially successful. Once her daughter learned to turn over on her own, they breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she would move if she suddenly was unable to breathe.
Good luck!

Comment by LIW

sooooo cute!! funny how quickly all that stuff became ancient history but then came flooding back like it was yesterday when i read your post. it all just changes so fast it’s crazy.

Comment by Sarah

MAN he is a cute one!!! I’m still lovin’ his name, too.

Comment by ali

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