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auden dines out…
August 7, 2008, 4:25 pm
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on his mamma’s cross-legged lap on the floor of the H&M…

there was a nurse-in today at a downtown H&M store.  A new mum was nursing in the store while her husband was trying on clothes when employees told her she had to go into a dressing room to do so.  more info here

fools.  auden and i quite enjoyed our lunch there this afternoon though.


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Sigh. I am jealous. I totally imagined myself doing this- but the BF didn’t work out.

Comment by mrs spock

Our society is just SOOOO insanely uptight about nudity. While I’m not usually the protester type, this one I completely get – this is a natural human thing, your kid is feeding. It’s not like you and your husband are making out and HE’s the one sucking on you. I can’t believe that happened, good for you for going.

Comment by chicklet

Wish I’d been there. Sounds like a blast!

Comment by Bea

Good for you.

Comment by caro

I so would have gone to this! Good for you & Auden for standing up for the rights of babies to eat.

Comment by Ms. Planner

Good going! I’ve hardly ever noticed a woman bfing in public. You have to be on the lookout to catch them, most are so discrete. People are too uptight.

Comment by Furrow


Comment by Ms. C

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