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July 28, 2008, 9:43 pm
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i have to say that Auden and I are in a great groove.  i feel tuned-in to him in ways that make it seem to me like we’re one being instead of two. 

we’re lucky in ways beyond my comprehension.  after the two years to conceive a successful pregnancy, related carpal tunnel, full week of labour followed by a forceps delivery, milk supply issues…. i used to ask when we were going to get a break (yes, the bfp in and of itself was a break, but i hope you know what i’m saying here…). 

and we have.  life with Auden is just…amazing.  he’s not a particularly fussy chap, he is quite the champion sleeper and eater, and just generally a joy to be around nearly all of the time.  i feel we’re in for a bit of a sea change with what i think may be some teething symptoms but so far this has just been simply amazing.

i’m more relaxed than i have been for YEARS.  i’ve been to work to visit twice since he was born and people tell me that they have never seen me look so relaxed, and it’s true.  yes, i worry about my child quite a bit but it’s different.  i have fallen into this role with an unexpected ease and feel less anxious than i think i ever have. 

i am fully aware that all of this could change at ANY given moment, but i think i’m ready for that moment.  if i’m not, i will fall and i will get back up.  such is this journey, this ride.

i have a book recommendation for you….know that this book was written for mothers and i believe it appropriate for ALL mothers in Mel’s definition of the term, “motherhood” being infinite (scroll to the bottom of Mel’s post to see what i mean).  this definition includes all of you.    that said, you should know that i likely would have found this book practically impossible to read during the dark times of my IF journey.  it is not written with the IF gal in mind, but can most definitely apply to so many situations that cross our paths.  the mile long preamble aside, the book is M0mma Zen by Karen Mi11er.  i read this (mostly in tears) and feel transformed.  it’s truly amazing and i highly recommend it.  read it. really.  please. 

i leave you now with more shameless auden promotion. at 12 weeks, my boy rolled over.  the whole way.  i’m a proud momma.


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I am so glad for you. You totally deserve a break, and seeing, well, reading you being a happy relaxed mama is lovely.
Also, go Auden! That was fabulous, and gosh, isn’t he determined, trying again and again like that? And aren’t his little flailing legs adorable?

Comment by May

Wearing me out with the cuteness! He is so adorable. Glad to hear you two have hit the groove. I know you are enjoying every second.

Comment by carlarey

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I could’ve written this post myself. I’m so happy for us!!

Comment by Cara

That’s so wonderful. I didn’t get to that point of relaxation until Z was around 5 or 6 months old. I feel it so much now, and I wish I could spend more time with her. I can tell you are enjoying your time away from work, so I don’t have to tell you to do so. I’ll look into that book. It sounds interesting.

Comment by Furrow

And way to go, Auden! Roll on!

Comment by Furrow

good for you!

Comment by cate

Now isn’t he a smarty pants. Go Auden. He is just so darn adorable.

Comment by M

I think once I hit the 6 week mark, we got into that wonderful groove. I think after the hell of TTC, and the discomfort of pregnancy, and crummy birth, you can’t help but feel good…

Comment by mrs spock

You sound so relaxed in your post! Glad you feel zen. And great vid. Going to look at the book now – sounds like something I could use.

Comment by Bea

thank you so much for the recommendation on the book. sounds like precisely something I should read. i am so happy for you that you have found your groove with Auden. you deserve nothing less than the peace you have found.

Comment by Ms. Planner

I am so incredibly happy for you. I feel much the same way, although we’ve been having some difficulties sleeping. A year ago, I couldn’t even imagine feeling this way.
That book is one of my all time favorites.
That quilt is amazing!

Comment by nikole

ps – that boy of yours is pretty amazing too. :-)
i love hearing your voice in the videos

Comment by nikole

Super cute. Thx for the welcome back:-)

Comment by chicklet

soooooo cute!!

Comment by Sarah

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