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then again…
July 18, 2008, 3:34 pm
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if he was still in my belly, i couldn’t hear this:

note that the wee lad did NOT fall out of his chair!  thanks for indulging us…and please excuse him for not wearing pants.  he was very prolific with the bodily functions at our mothers group that day.  the tee he’s wearing is from the "free" pile at the midwifery clinic where the group meets as i failed to pack an extra outfit…:)


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Very nice. PB is talking back, by the way.

Comment by Bea

Oh, how cute. I wouldn’t get anything done for sitting around listening to that all day.

Comment by carlarey

I think I have just been cuted to DEATH! Seriously, he is just so beautiful! Even H came to watch and grinned all over his face.

Comment by May

Cute, cute, cute!

Comment by Samantha

oh, yeah… this is when it starts getting soooo good. He is adorable.

Comment by Furrow

He is so cute….and what a move and shaker you have. How fun.

Comment by M

Such an active little cutie!

Comment by docgrumbles

I think the market on cuteness may have just been cornered…

Comment by Geohde

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