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3 weeks old
May 21, 2008, 8:35 pm
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pinch me, please.  is this really real? 
three weeks

three weeks

 three weeks old (though this picture was a few days ago…) and we’ve been released back to our regular GP from our birth program.  it’s bittersweet because i love our GP but will miss everyone in the program.  we became near celebrities during our marathon labour and then birth.  birth story still to come.  i’ve almost finished it…it’s long and makes me cry so it’s taking forever.


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Oh, Megan, he’s so beautiful! Such soulful eyes. He and Zora should definitely date.

Comment by furrow

Wow, Megan, he’s just so perfect. Such big and beautiful bright eyes! How’s the mamma doing?

Comment by Equipoise

I think it is real.

Comment by Dr. Grumbles


Comment by My Reality

What a cutie!

Comment by mrs spock

He’s absolutely gorgeous. And I love his name. Best to all of you. xoxo

Comment by nikole

*hugs* for the marathon labour. It’s all very well telling you it was worth it, but it doesn’t stop a hard labour being rough, and unfair, and horribly frightening, and I do hope and wish your body and heart heal well and quickly.
As for you son, he is so precious. Look at his ears! I am conquered by his ears.

Comment by May

Dang, I thought he was cute before. Do you just want to sit and stare at that cuteness all day long?
What does Neko think?

Comment by carlarey

ooohhhhhhhhhhh SO gorgeous!!

Comment by Sarah

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