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oh hi, it’s me, contraction girl
April 25, 2008, 9:09 pm
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so yeah….still pregnant. 

one of the midwives came to the house this morning, as did a doula.  it was wonderful, as we didn’t sleep last night because the contractions were coming all. night. long.  every 7, 10, 20, or 20+ minutes.   oh, and today is friday meaning that this has been going on since MONDAY night.  it’s an outrage. 

the visits this morning were truly life saving.  i was at the END of my rope this morning.  just crying with exhaustion and frustration.  the midwife gave me an exam (in my own bed, in my house — SO civilized. i love you, Birth Program.  i love you, Canada) and was very excited to find that my cervix is very very very soft and that baby is in a good position (-2 station for those of you who know — i didn’t until Husband explained it to me).  bad news?  still only 1-2 centimetres dilated.  i know.  yet another outrage.   baby’s heart rate is good though, so all is still well.

then the doula arrived and the pampering began.  i got back in the bed, took two grav0l and had massage for a loooong time.  and relaxed.  and made it through contractions better than i have yet.  and relaxed some more.  then got up and ate a bit with Husband and the doula.  then got back in bed for more massage and acupressure and slept.  zzzzz.  the doula stayed for about three or four hours with us.  she was new to us, as our other assigned doula was busy or something.  this was fine with us because the people looking after us now seem a bit more….interested in what is happening with us.  today’s massaging doula is booked up tomorrow teaching a prenatal class, so yet another one called tonight to let us know that she was on call for us now.  encouraged us to call anytime, which is a big change from our original doula….she didn’t want us to call in the middle of the night unless my contractions were regularly 5 minutes apart and a minute long.  made me hesitant to call her at all.

i’m happier now. i feel looked after.

the doctor on call tomorrow morning is another gemstar that i really like and she told today’s midwife that she would come over again in the morning to do another exam and maybe another membrane sweep.

i really don’t know if i want another membrane sweep.  that stretch and sweep business could be a big part of the reason that i’ve been in this infuriating, frustrating, painful, sleep depriving PRE labour for days on end.  it gave me an irritable uterus. 

trust me, you NEVER want an irritable uterus. 

no interventions possible until monday.  that said, everyone seems to be on board that this cannot go on for much longer.  if i can’t sleep tonight, i’m to call the midwife and then go into the hospital for a shot of morphine (!).  that’s right, i said morphine.  eek.  i hate the sound of that, so am not thinking about it.  i’m going to shower, have a glass of vino (i skipped it last night), have some more gravol and hope for the best. 

will update when i can. . .


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Goodness sweetie…it has been a long week for you. I am hoping that your little one makes an appearance much sooner than later. ((HUGS)) I dealt with contractions for weeks…and it is tough.

Comment by M

I hope you can get to sleep without the morphine. Ugh. Morphine. On the other hand, it might turn out to be just what you need.
Good luck!

Comment by Bea

Since Monday? Not fun. Here’s hoping somthing happens soon.

Comment by Caro

thinking of you, hon…

Comment by serenity

oh man…firstly, i’m glad you’ve finally found some relief and some good, caring people to help…here’s hoping you can continue to get some sleep until baby’s debut!
thinking of you…

Comment by shlomit

Still hanging with you… keep us posted. Love your doula!

Comment by Samantha

Just checking in to see how you are doing. Sending you lots of warm thoughts and hopes that your little one is here very soon. Sounds like you are getting great care. Hang in there!!

Comment by Nikole

Ohhh, sweetie, so sorry everything’s taking so long. I very much hope by the time I am writing this, you are snuggling your child in your arms.

Comment by May

Here’s hoping you have a little one in your arms as we speak!
Thinking of you….

Comment by shlomit

OMG!! I have missed so much. You must have been feeling so incredibly frustrated!!!
I am sending you loving and healthy energy. I hope your post about delivering a healthy baby comes very soon!!!!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

I hope the lack of updates means you’re busy with a new baby!

Comment by ultimatejourney

you MUST have that baby by now! I hope, I hope, I hope that you’re all resting well and simply too busy gazing into eachother’s eyes to post.

Comment by furrow

Just checking in on you, fingers still crossed all went/ is going well. Preferably ‘went’.

Comment by May

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