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hi! guess what!
April 24, 2008, 5:10 pm
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i’m STILL pregnant!  yes indeed.  40 weeks 6 days pregnant to be exact. 

oh, and the contractions since Monday night?  DELIGHTFUL!

apparently they aren’t coming in a regular enough fashion to be called anything other than "pre-labour" which is simply infuriating as they certainly don’t feel "PRE" anything.  some of them last for a whole two minutes, some of them bring me to tears, and some of them are just little ones.  their fault lies in their lack of regularity.  sometimes 10 minutes apart.  sometimes 20. sometimes longer….sometimes hours…

when i got out of bed this morning i felt quite demoralized, not knowing how much longer i could take this.  then i had a three hour nap and i felt much better. 

Husband and I have been around the block, to the pet store, AND to the WINE STORE.  The midwife who called to check in on me today told me that at this point she recommends the "three Bs" — Bath, Booze, and Bed.  apparently wine can calm the uterus enough for you to have a decent sleep.  don’t panic or lecture, please.  she said a GLASS of wine.  sounds like a fine idea.  it’s rather interesting though. . . you pass 40 weeks and they’re showering sleeping meds and vino on you. 

"community standard" is no intervention until 41 weeks 3 days.  which will be monday.  the midwife on call is to check in with me again tomorrow and we may meet for her to have a peek at my cervix and perhaps make an appointment for an U/S and Non-Stress test for Monday.  naturally the midwife on call tomorrow is my least favourite of the whole bunch at the clinic.  alas. 

the mere mention of the word "monday" without a baby in my arms is enough to make me cry even more at this point.   think i’m being punished for being SO CERTAIN this babe would be early?

at the very least i’m feeling looked after.  the doc/midwife on call is checking in on me, as well as the doula. 


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Hang in there til Monday. Hope the glass of wine does the trick.

Comment by Bea

no judgment here. have the whole bottle of wine if it makes you feel better :)
Hope the baby comes sooner than Monday

Comment by cate

Hang in there, hon. Hoping that you won’t have to wait until monday.

Comment by serenity

Doesn’t this waiting suck? I seriously hope it ends today for you…

Comment by mrs spock

Enjoy your vino and I’m wishing you good rest and sleep until the little one decides to make a grand entrance!

Comment by cofffeegrl

Hope the wine relaxes both you and the uterus! Hang in there, maybe you won’t have to wait until Monday.

Comment by Samantha

Absolutely no judgment here on the wine, but I do love the 3 B’s. How very refreshingly Canadian – straight and to-the-point :)
Best of luck with it all.

Comment by Ms. Planner

Enjoy the three B’s! I hope little one just jolly well turns up this weekend. It’s lovely weather here in Blighty and all teh cherry trees are in flower. It’s the PERFECT time for a birthday.
Best of luck, best wishes, and my thoughts are with you.

Comment by May

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