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April 22, 2008, 7:08 pm
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here is is seven pm on the west coast and things are just rather boring.  this is disappointing because this morning felt like the day might actually be exciting.

the occasional contraction — stronger than any previously thought to be BH, but still so sporadic to be, well — boring.  at least to care providers. 

i didn’t get my drugs until the afternoon.  i managed about an hour and a half or two hours sleep.  just ate dinner and am still just exhausted.  might try to sleep again.

spoke with the doc on call after Husband picked up my script as naturally the bottle was covered in do not take this if you are pregnant.  she mentioned something about how it could still be DAYS until things REALLY start happening. 

that thought is ultimately nothing but depressing.  and exhausting. 

it’s clear that i need some more sleep though before this show gets rockin though, so maybe it’s a good thing…


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Wishing you a good night’s rest.

Comment by Bea

Oh sorry. I was all excited for you yesterday.

Comment by Caro

I’m sorry things aren’t moving as fast as you’d like. Here’s to some sleep to get your strength for the labor ahead.

Comment by Samantha

Wish there was something any of us could do, like hide behind a door and scare you into labor.
I get the feeling that you may be in for a lifetime of Wee doing things when Wee is damn good and ready.

Comment by carlarey

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