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40 weeks 3 days….
April 21, 2008, 9:08 am
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(Hi Furrow!)

i’ve been stretched and swept, i’ve walked and walked, i’ve laughed, i’ve cried, i’ve been in a car down bumpy roads….and alas, i am still pregnant.

i couldn’t sleep last night because i kept feeling crampy.  the cramps weren’t what was keeping me awake though….they weren’t very strong or anything, just there.  i’m following Husband to the scooter repair shop, dropping him off at work, then coming home to shower and just sleep….not because i’m sad that i’m still pregnant but because i really didn’t sleep much at all last night and will hopefully need lots of energy SOON.

thanks for checking in, gang!  as usual, you guys rock.


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Hang in there! Maybe Wee is waiting for it to warm up a bit outside. I don’t know about Vancouver, but it is dang cold in Portland right now. I hope the arrival comes soon. Thinking of you…

Comment by Ms. Planner

Thanks for the update. So, hey, why does your ticker say you still have 3 days left? Are you rushing that poor babe?
You’re so right about needing to save up your sleep. Get it while you can!

Comment by furrow

Oh you poor dear! Praying that Wee comes very soon! Get lots of rest!

Comment by Equipoise

It can’t be too much longer!

Comment by My Reality

Rest sounds like a good idea. I’m hoping those cramps really go somewhere, so definitely time to conserve your energy!

Comment by Bea

Thanks for rewarding my frequent visits with an update. Thinking of you and hoping that your little one is soon here!

Comment by shlomit

Good luck and hope the stretching and sweeping does something!

Comment by Samantha

Hoping that you do get some goooood sleep, and a good rest, and THEN, Wee!
Thinking of you, and checking in on you daily!

Comment by May

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