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40 weeks…(over)due and counting.
April 18, 2008, 9:59 am
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40 weeks today. 

off to baby group with baby still in my belly….
if you thought i was ready for this baby to be born with my last post, you should hang out with me now!!  yesterday i just started crying when Husband came home from work and asked me how i was doing.   

perhaps this is one of the miracles of nature….making us so over pregnancy that we welcome labour!


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You too, huh?
Happy? due date.

Comment by Caro

Hope to hear of the big arrival soon!

Comment by Dr. Grumbles

I’m thinking of you…

Comment by Coffeegrl

Is Wee really still in there? Gosh, it must be the most comfortable and scrummy uterus your side of the Atlantic. For Wee, that is. Not you. Alas.
Come on, baby, come out and say hello!

Comment by May

I hope to hear baby arrival news very soon!

Comment by ultimatejourney

I keep checking in, waiting for an announcement! Hurry up, I can’t wait any longer!

Comment by chicklet

waiting right along with you!!

Comment by shlomit

I was there once too, I, too, was grumpy at anyone who had a baby early or on their due-date. It will seem like a life time ago once Wee arrives.

Comment by Loo

The same way Nature prepares us for them to leave home by turning them into assholes.
Eat whatever upsets Wee the most, and perhaps that will get the ball rolling.

Comment by carlarey

It *can’t* be too much longer. It just can’t. Really and truly, physically can’t. Hoping you can hold on!

Comment by Bea

You know, you MUST now check in with at least the tiniest of posts, or we’re going to think you’ve had that baby.
Had that baby yet???!!!!

Comment by furrow

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