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March 13, 2008, 9:31 am
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sweet louise, i’m a terrible blogger and commenter.  then again, i do have a condition not at all conducive to typing…

please continue to forgive me.

a quick update… as of monday, march 3rd my GP put me on medical leave from work because of my hands.  this is a good thing.  i was off that whole week anyway as i took holiday while my mom and sister were visiting (vacation days that i now get back as my GP put me on medical leave on monday of that week — yahoo! — it’s good to keep vacation days).  as the week wore on, my hands started to feel better and a bit of guilt regarding the medical leave snuck in.  then i went to work on monday the 10th to wrap up the proverbial loose ends, and by the end of the day i thought i might prefer to amputate my left hand.  the medical leave is good.  necessary.  a godsend.

mom, sister, husband, and i had a lovely visit.  we painted the baby’s room a sunshiney shade of yellow that makes me smile every time i see it.  it’s like the sun is shining even on the bleakest of vancouver days, which is saying a lot.  we’re to paint the trim chocolate brown this weekend.  the crib and dresser/change table combo arrive tomorrow.  it’s rather unbelievable.  is this really me?

husband, wee, and i were showered by a dear friend last thursday while my family was here.  it was so nice.  just a few good friends, good food, (apparently) good wine, and an amazing chocolate cake.  again, i have to ask…is this really my life?

a couple in our baby group has already had their baby!  eek!  while my edd is april 18th, i still believe that baby will be here sooner.  docs, midwives, you name it, they all chide me for saying this as "all first babies are late," and "so many first time mom’s say this only to be disappointed," blah blah blah.  but HELLO — april 18th was calculated using some very conservative numbers, including an average cycle length which is really rather a joke for someone like me who had cycles ranging from 30-50+ days.  girls like us keep really good track of things like this and i’m telling you, i don’t think this baby is going to stick around inside me until april 18th.  plus, our u/s measurements have always been ahead of my edd, AND my fundal height is consistently ahead by 2-3 cm….i’m putting money on early.  and hey, sticking with the "all first babies are late" theory, if wee comes around my edd, i can still say i was right, right?  :)

i’m also starting to get scared.  scared of the whole birth thing.  not much else to say about that though. 

as far as anyone knows, wee is doing great in there.  yesterday was a great day for acrobatics and disco dancing, so i anticipate a quiet day today…. as long as s/he wiggles around a little i’m happy.

i send you all bloggy hugs.  must stop typing now or will surely be in agony for the rest of the day.


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Ugh hon, I can’t even imagine how hard it’s been with the typing. I am GLAD, though, that your GP took you out of work – sounds like it’s been a big help.
You’re getting so close – 36 days and counting. Awesome. :)

Comment by serenity

Happy to hear that you and wee are doing well. Sorry that your hands are still so painful – but happy that you get some relaxing time before wee starts living in that wonderful yellow room!!!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

Look after your hands, I’m so glad you get to rest them a bit now. I was feeling for you so, being in constant pain. *sigh* Pregnancy is very hard work, isn’t it?
The whole deciding a due date based on ‘nowmal’ cycles is so, so, so STUPID. I do not know why obstetrics persists in that nonsense. I’d refuse to tell them the date of my last period at all.
Just as long as you pop back to tell us all when Wee arrives, we will forgive any amount of radio silence now! Take care!

Comment by May

The medical leave sounds good. Glad wee is ok.

Comment by Caro

OH, good. I’m glad you’re on leave. The pain sounds horrific, and I know your job. You can’t do it w/o typing a lot.

Comment by furrow

Glad your hand recovers when rested. That is good news.
And yay for everything else going ok!

Comment by Bea

I am thrilled to read this post….and yes girl it really is you!!! How wonderful is that. You just keep taking care yourself and wee. I am glad to hear you are on medical leave….I left some of your post with sadness of you being in so much pain.

Comment by M

Wow, I can’t believe how far along you are. That’s awesome:-)

Comment by chicklet

I’m so sorry that you’re in pain!! But, I’m glad the nursery is coming together and making you smile.
WIshing you the best these last few weeks!!

Comment by Sticky Bun

i was so zealous about insisting i’d be late b/c i didn’t want to be disappointed when it started to seem to be going on forever, but you have excellent reasons to think early and better to be prepared for that than not! and of course my plan backfired when i was induced early anyway so you just never know.
so sorry to hear about the pain, but so glad you’re on leave. take care!

Comment by Sarah

Thanks for updating us with all of the happy things in your life. It seems like there is so much sadness out there right now, that your post was just the antidote needed. Please, please post pictures of your sunny nursery. I would love to see them. And, mmmmm, chocolate cake…

Comment by Ms. Planner

Yay! You have officially entered the “It Could Be Any Time Now” stage. Kick back and enjoy it. Back in the day, I went for my 38 week appointment and the OB told me that there was absolutely no dilation or progress what so ever. She confidently told me I had at least two more weeks to wait. I went into labor at 2:30 a.m. My doctor was stunned by that phone call, I can tell you.

Comment by carlarey

Just wanted to pop in and wish you luck in the upcoming weeks. I hope you’re feeling well and that everything goes smoothly between now and when your little one arrives. :-)

Comment by Sticky Bun

I just stopped by to check the calendar in the sidebar. Two weeks! I am on pins and needles for you! I will probably be checking obsessively until there is news.

Comment by carlarey

We’re getting so close! I hope you are doing well.

Comment by cate

Are you and Wee still there? Hope you’re both doing well – thinking of you.

Comment by May

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