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sleepy, tingly, forgetful, and slight improvements even though i now may need surgery?
February 27, 2008, 10:22 am
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hi gang.  how are you?

i am so tired.  it’s all i can do to stay awake these days.  i think when i am asleep i am dreaming about sleep.  in one sense, this is good because it means that i actually am sleeping, which is a big improvement in and of itself….also?  i was cursing husband for taking the car keys this morning when he didn’t even have the car.  i finally found the other set and went on my merry way.  once at work, i put the keys in my pocket where they nestled snugly with the other set of car keys that were already in my coat pocket.  Husband would be feeling quite smug right now if he knew of the cursing this morning….i simply cannot be trusted anymore.

one of my dear friends from home and his girlfriend came up from the emerald city down south for a visit last weekend.  it was so good to see them.  they’re currently in the position where she really wants a baby, but they’re waiting around for financials to be right, and all of that stuff that never seems to really fall into place anyway.  he is not as keen on kids as she is, but not anti-kid either.  she just turned 36.  it’s all i can do when i see them not to start beating them around the head while telling them to stop fucking around.  i had to really bite my tongue when she told me that at 32 a gyno told her that if she wanted to have kids she should start working on it SOON.  she didn’t bother to find out why at the time.  eek.  i was good though.  i didn’t preach.  i didn’t remind them of our story at all.  it’s just not appropriate, right?  people will do what they feel they need to do.  they already know our story so i couldn’t turn it into a tale of caution…. i hope they don’t have any troubles once they decide the time is right…

you may remember that my silly wrists and hands were keeping me up at night.  i went to the hand clinic last friday and they gave me two big old steroid shots in each of my wrists — after being reassured by no fewer than 3 doctors that this would in no way harm little Wee, of course.   i had to call Husband to come and get me from the hospital because with the steroid came a freezing agent so my little paws were entirely numb (and balled into fists) which is really unsuitable for driving.   after the freezing wore off the pain set in, but it wasn’t terrible.  i would even say that it was preferable to the pain i was experiencing from the carpal tunnel.  it just wasn’t as pervasive, and it allowed me to SLEEP which is amazing.  the pain has since gone away for the most part, but there are still problems.  my right hand (which was the least troublesome in the first place) seems to have made a complete recovery after the steroids.  this is fantastic.  i’m so happy.  the left is still a bit of a concern because the pins and needles/numbness is still there in my thumb and first two fingers.  this is apparently not good.  i’m to call the clinic again on Friday if it hasn’t gone away by then and then he may do outpatient surgery to release the nerve.  the continued pins and needles/numbness is apparently a sign that the nerve is dying.  dying nerves are obviously not good.  while this is indeed supposed to resolve itself after the birth, if the nerve dies in the interim it’s dead for good. 


so, the good news is that my right had is fantastic, i’m not being kept up at night with pain, and that alone is a huge improvement.  i haven’t cried over my paws since last thursday, so things must be looking up.  i’m not happy about the possibility of surgery but will do it if necessary.  nerves are good things.  i would like to keep them as alive and healthy as possible. 

we’re finally making some progress on the baby’s room.  my SIL’s boyfriend came over last night and helped Husband demo some ungainly bookshelves and other strange custom furniture that was in the room previously.  they also took out the old carpet so i’m off to home depot today to order new stuff.  i’m going with the recycled carpet they have. . . it’s made from corn or recycled water bottles (i can’t remember which and they offer both).  i’m just going to order it to the size of the room and have it bound off to size.  we’re not sure how long we want to stay in this house and i just don’t want to have to pay for wall to wall right now.  it’s the only room in the house without refinished hardwood too, so we may want to go that route in the future. 

we also finally decided on a stroller/car seat combo.  i’m happy to have the car seat.  at least baby can come home from the hospital now.  it’s our first major baby purchase.  still no crib or other nursery furniture, but now that progress has been made in truly dismantling that room, i’m starting to feel better about things.  my mom and sister are coming for a visit next week and they are going to help us with the room too.  progress is a good, good thing. 

okay, as i can’t feel half of my left hand anymore, it’s time for a typing break.  i’ll check in again soon.  xoxo 


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Glad to hear that the wrists feel better! I have had surgery on my wrist before and it was a relatively easy recovery. If you had to have any sort of surgery, that would be the one to have while pregnant. I know that won’t make you feel better about it though. Take care and keep us posted!

Comment by Equipoise

Glad to read about your improving wrists. Please post pictures of the nursery when it is finished. Would love to see it.

Comment by Ms. Planner

Hoping that second hand picks up without needing any further help. Glad one of them is cooperating, anyway.
As for your friend, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to bite my tongue. Then again, like you said, she knows your story so what more is there to point out?

Comment by Bea

Sorry to hear one of your hands is still not feeling right.
I hear ya about the forgetfulness. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ever really go away.

Comment by cate

Sorry you may have to have surgery! At least one hand is better.
I know what you mean about having that friend who can’t quite get it together to conceive. I have a friend who’s 40 and just hasn’t quite been in the right spot for she and her husband to start trying. She’s been talking about it for years, and has seen me fail. But, her decision, right?

Comment by Samantha

Glad to hear the steroids were at least partially successful. I probably would have spoken to the girlfriend, only to be interrupted by the Husband, who has erased any memory of those days, probably since no one shot lasers up his business. He has shortened the time frame down to a couple of months. He says all that other time we “weren’t really trying that hard.”

Comment by carlarey

I hope your nerve continues to live. Live, nerve, live! seriously, that sucks.
If you say something to the friend, she’ll probably wait 3 more years anyway and then get pregnant on the first try, and you’ll feel like a doof.
Sorry to hear about the tiredness and memory loss, but I’m more sorry to say that it only gets worse after the baby comes. But then it gets better. Or so they tell me. I’m still waiting.

Comment by furrow

How’re your poor hands now? Any better? *worry worry*.

Comment by May

I’m so glad that the steroids helped some. Sleep really is a good thing!!

Comment by Coffeegrl

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