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third trimester…
January 18, 2008, 2:33 pm
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welcome to the third trimester, baby wee.  this is a fantastic milestone.  to celebrate, do you think you could do me a favour?  could you maybe keep all of the extra blood volume my body is lugging around for you more….in your own area?  you know, the womb is all yours right now.  you can keep anything you want in there.  toys, grilled cheese sandwiches, blanket. . . it’s all cool with me, but could you maybe just add all of this extra blood that you apparently need to your toy box instead of allowing it to wreak havoc with my wrists?  it might be more easily accessible for you this way too.  seriously, this pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, which sounds like such a joke — no one other than my family and doctors seem to believe me that it even exists — is KILLING ME.  it’s making it difficult to do my job (and to blog!), and besides i have knitting to do for you baby!  (**warning:  upcoming links have pictures of babies) i KNOW you really want for me to be able to knit lovely lovely things for you like your first blankie or an absolutely adorable carrying bag for you?  of course you do!   

please, baby?

argh.  i have more to tell, but seriously cannot type any more.  please send magical cures.  have a great weekend, all.


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You poor thing….I have heard it is excruciating when it hits.
Those are gorgeous items you want to knit and I am sure the baby would love them….but sounds like they may have to be an after project….ummmm assuming you have time.

Comment by M

Wishing many magical cures to float your way. Have you tried to brace your wrists at all. I have terrible wrists and every so often I have to brace them. It takes a lot of pressure off of them and it might make them feel better…if only briefly. Just a thought! Congrats on the third trimester! That is awesome!

Comment by Equipoise

Definitely wishing you magical cures. You don’t realise how much you use your hands til you can’t anymore.
Congrats on trimester three!

Comment by Bea

Welcome to the Third Trimester! It’s all downhill from here. ;-)
No really, I’m sorry your wrists are hurting. I have heard it disappears with when the baby’s born. Along with the heartburn, nausea, aches, pains (only to be replaced by new ones I assume) and all the other joys of pregnancy! WHOOOHOOO!

Comment by Cara

Magical cures headed your way!

Comment by Nicole

I occasionally get carpal tunnel too, and it HURTS. You have all my sympathy. Baby Wee, do as your mama says and keep your blood supply to yourself. Also, she wasn’t serious about the grilled cheese sandwich. I think.
Debbie Bliss does the dinkiest baby patterns. I’d be going frantic with Yarn Lust by now.

Comment by May

Time sure has flown, hasn’t it? Hard to believe we are on the home stretch.

Comment by Cate

Congratulations! 27 weeks already! So sorry about your wrists.

Comment by Nikole

Dang, wish I had some folklore cure for carpal tunnel. And those who have never gestated tend not to believe that pregnancy can affect things like wrists (and eyebrows, and shoulders, and earlobes, and teeth).

Comment by carlarey

Ugh. I am so sorry – I have the back pain. My life lately is really all about managing it. *sigh*
Ice and a brace maybe?
Welcome to the third trimester though! Almost there…

Comment by serenity

Congrats on getting this far! Hope Baby Wee follows directions ;)

Comment by SaraS-P

Congratulations on being in the third trimester! Wow, time flies! :)

Comment by Road Blocks and Roller Coasters

Thank god that hasn’t hit me yet- the back pain is bad enough. Yay for 3rd Tri!!!

Comment by mrsspock

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