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still waiting…
January 13, 2008, 10:06 pm
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…for my lab results on the gestational diabetes.

so what is my husband doing in the meantime?  why fucking making chocolate-chip cookies of course. 

cookies he told me he was making for a colleague.  turns out he’s going to keep a bunch of them for "us."  super!  i love chocolate-chip cookies!

very supportive, no?

because there’s nothing like the smell of home-baked cookies.  thanks a lot, husband.


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Not supportive at all.

Comment by Caro

Awww man! My sister’s husband used to wait until she was three weeks into a diet and beg her to make brownies. He’d eat one, one small brownie, and declare his craving satisfied. And then leave her alone with the pan of chocolate heroin while he went to the gym or for a five mile run.

Comment by carlarey

Well, on the flip side, if you pass, you can have a celebratory cookie! :)
*sigh* Still, though. Men.

Comment by serenity

One cookie would be ok, no? I hope so because the smell alone is irrestible!
I hope your test results come back ok. Please update us as soon as you get them
Glad you had a great time with your family, though your trip back sounded horrible!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

hahahahahaha!!!! ah the joys of pregnancy. not least of which is husband bashing. glad you get to have your cookie(s) now!

Comment by Sarah

this is husband. I apologize for being insensitive and making cookies and did not mean to discount your worries about GD. For the record & to defend myself in blogland, I was making cookies for a colleague who has been diagnosed with cancer and currently receiving chemo treatment. She loves the cookies and we were doing a food basket for Monday. I needed to make something that night. And I have a family hx of diabetes and will likely get diabetes typeII.

Comment by megan

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