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holy crap! oh, and happy new year. please don’t pass the cookies.
January 10, 2008, 3:57 pm
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i’m still kicking around — just a terrible, terrible blogger. 

our holiday was very very nice.  it was so good to get away.  the only bad part was the trying to get home on new years day.  we were originally supposed to get home at 11am on new years day, but didn’t actually make it in until after midnight on the 2nd because of some lovely storms that hit the midwest.  we were on our FOURTH itinerary by the time we actually made it.  our luggage made it two days later.  need i say more?  only that when you only have two pair of maternity pants and one of them is in a suitcase with the rest of your maternity clothes, you may come close to kissing the delivery person when they FINALLY drop it all off.  travel woes aside, it was fantastic to see my family and hang out with them.  it was a great holiday.   soon to be grandma and grandpa sent us home with a camcorder.  hmmm.  wonder what they’ll be expecting video of?  :)

i didn’t come back to work until the 7th — which turned out to be a very good thing given how we had to wait around for our luggage for days.  we needed some holiday time on our own, in our own house too.  it feels like less of a vacation from work without that.

i’m going to keep this brief so that i actually post it…. some updates though…

i failed my initial gestation diabetes screening on monday…..which?  fuck.  just sucks.  the dr. called and left a message saying that my results were "a bit high" so they were going to send me in for the three hour screen.  i have no idea what "a bit high" means, but might be able to find out on Friday when we have baby group.  regardless, i went in this morning for the three hour screen.  it sucked even more.  three bloody hours in the lab.  fingers crossed for good results for this one.  i had a low blood sugar episode in the car on the way to work afterward. . . i’ve since read that women with the g-d GD won’t have low blood sugar problems unless they’re on insulin, so maybe this is a good sign.  or maybe it’s a bad sign.  or maybe i just really needed to eat.  or maybe i should stop worrying about it until i actually know some results.   i know i have some risk factors — 35 years old, previous miscarriages, PCO, father with type II…but still, i have to admit that i’ll be a little bit flummoxed if this comes back positive.  we eat healthy (most of the time), i get AT LEAST 30 minutes of activity everyday (again, most of the time), and, and, and…. i’ll stop going on about it now.

otherwise, i have to assume baby is doing fine.  Wee is kicking around in there and that has to be a good thing.  now Husband and i have to get it together to get a baby room ready.  holy crap.  did i just say that?  it’s still so surreal. 

i went to prenatal yoga last night.  it was the first class of the winter session.  there are some women there who aren’t even showing AT ALL yet.  due in AUGUST and such.  it killed me.  i remember how i was unable to go to any more of my regular yoga classes after our miscarriage in May because i told the instructor that i was pregnant and couldn’t bear to un-tell her.  i couldn’t even think of going to a prenatal class until last NOVEMBER….   

my wrists are still not faring well.  i’ve a brace for my left hand now that i sleep in sometimes.  sometimes the brace makes it worse.  it’s all hit or miss.  yoga last night didn’t help the poor things much because we spent a fair bit of time on all fours.  must ask for a modification for next week.   my boss noticed my brace on monday because i’m also wearing it when i’m doing a lot of typing.  she is now sending some ergonomic-assessment lad to my office to make sure that my workstation isn’t exacerbating anything.  what a gem.

okay.  i just wanted to check-in quickly as i’ve been so terribly negligent.  not only as a blogger but as a commenter as well.  hopefully now that the holidays are over and things are getting back to normal this will change.


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Glad that your back. I can definitely sympathize with the lost luggage issue. They lost our luggage on our way back from vacation and that was two days before Christmas. We got it back on Christmas eve, but it still sucked.
Keeping my fingers crossed that your GD test comes back negative! :)

Comment by Road Blocks and Roller Coasters

I am glad you are well!

Comment by My Reality

I’m glad all is well! I hope you pass that second GD test.

Comment by ultimatejourney

Geez, the lost luggage thing is now the rule rather than the exception! Makes me afraid to travel.
With the slightly elevated glucose, I am now predicting that this baby is a boy. I hope it turns out to be nothing, though.

Comment by furrow

Glad to hear you had some wonderful time off. Sorry the GTT test came back wonky. Here’s hoping you get better results from the 3 hour.

Comment by Cate

I hope this test comes back much better than the last. That would be no fun.
Let us know how your group session comes back. I love reading about them.

Comment by M

Good luck with the test results. I basically exhibited every symptom both for and against, just depended on what time of day you asked and what I had eaten or not eaten.

Comment by carlarey

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