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new years and such
December 20, 2007, 4:34 pm
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before you read further, please go leave some kind words for Chicklet.  her beta came back negative today and she could use some love.  i’m just heartbroken for her. 

today is my last day at work until next year.  until January 7th of next year at that.  i’m am hanging on the edge of my chair, waiting for the time to come when leaving will not be overly obnoxious.  i added tomorrow as a vacation day earlier in the week because i can’t take it anymore.  i know that the rest of the universe is still functioning per usual, but life on a university campus is mind-bogglingly depressing when NO ONE is around.  in preparing to be away, i thought it would be nice to clean off my desk, as i am the queen of piles.  i opened a rarely used drawer and what do you think i found.  many, many, many USED OPKs just laying around in there.  yes, it’s true. . . as those things are supposed to be more reliable in the afternoon, i would dutifully stick one up my sleeve and go for it mid-day.  not wanting to hang around in the stall to see what developed, i would bring it back to my desk and put it in said drawer to check it at the appropriate time.  i totally forgot about them.  is that disgusting?

i also keep thinking about how i would be leaving for mat leave now instead of just for holiday had i not miscarried in May.  this is of course much muted by my current condition, but i still think about it.  due date would be january 5th…

tomorrow i will sit on my* couch with the puppy and try to finish knitting my sister’s socks….TRY is the operate word when it comes to making claims of finishing knitting my sister’s socks though.  i’ve convinced myself that i have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, even though i’ve read that shouldn’t come until later on in pregnancy.  my wrists are SO sore, and they have been sore a lot at night — too sore to knit, which is VERY SORE.  i wake up at night because of my numb little hands.  sure, they tell you not to sleep on your hands, but if you’re not supposed to sleep on your back either….pray tell, where do your hands go when you are sleeping on your side if not under your head?   i suppose i am perhaps “due” for some sort of unpleasant pregnancy symptom.   super.  as far as Sister’s socks go, i will likely finish her socks before xmas…and will have thus succeeded in knitting a pair for mom, dad, and sister.  Husband’s socks didn’t make the cut.  he told me he would rather have a scarf for scootering around on his scooter though, so perhaps it is for the best.

we leave for michigan on monday, and puppy goes to the most posh doggy place in the universe.  i will miss her SO much.  i’m desperately looking forward to getting to my parent’s house though.  it will just be so nice to take a break.  holidays at my parent’s house are quite low-key.  no pressure, no stress.  i can’t wait.  i will desperately miss the animals, but we will all survive, and as you can see if you follow the link above, Neko the puppy will be very well cared for. 

i don’t know that there will be much blogging while we’re gone, but you never know.  i will be keeping up with all of you though.  the support i’ve found in this blogging community is one of the things i’m most thankful for in the past year.    i know i’m a little quiet these days, but know that i’m still reading and that you are all in my heart and thoughts.   i’m wishing you all two lines on a stick and healthy, healthy days ahead…and for someone to get a magic wand that would put babies in all of your still-waiting bellies without shots, dildocams, retrievals, or transfers.   i thank each and every one of you for supporting me, and for sticking around. 

*Husband regularly reprimands me for my stunning use of pronouns.  particularly when i say “my dog,” “my house,” or “my car.”  i mean nothing by it, nor is it intended to be exclusionary…my mom also does this.  anyone else have this problem?


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Have a good holiday. Hope your due date passes in the best way possible. Take care.

Comment by Bea

Good to see a post=) Hope you have a lovely holiday!

Comment by JJ

Enjoy your vacation with your folks. I wish you lots of time snuggled up comfy and dreaming of spring with Wee.

Comment by carlarey

Have fun in Michigan, I guess we’ll be there at around the same time :)
I have non-pregnancy related wrist problems and have even had cortisone shots in my wrists once to help with the carpal tunnel. I sleep with wrist splints on and it makes a BIG difference, because then you can’t curl your wrist up. I also use a pillow to support my arm in front of me when I’m lying on my side. I’d recommend talking to your doctor about getting some.

Comment by Samantha

Have fun on vacation.

Comment by Cate

Carpal tunnel can come on within sixteen seconds of the first positive pee-stick. Heck, I get it, and I’ve never been pregnant in my life. For the love of tinsel, EASE UP ON THE KNITTING. I nearly crippled myself last Christmas trying to get presents done, and one of my fingers stayed numb for weeks.
Look after yourself. Thinking of you.

Comment by May

Safe travels, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I know what you mean about college campuses on breaks. SO depressing.

Comment by furrow

Have a lovely and healthy holiday.

Comment by Merideth

Thx for the thoughts and for the company Wednesday night. The whole thing of course upset me more than I’d expected, cuz when you’re actually faced with it it sucks, but we’re ok, hanging in, but taking off to Whistler to escape. Merry xmas my friend.

Comment by chicklet

Enjoy your break! Happy holidays! :)

Comment by Road Blocks and Roller Coasters

I hope you’re having a wonderful vacation!

Comment by ultimatejourney

I hope that you had a wonderfully relaxing holiday and a safe trip!
Thanks for all of the support that you continue to give me!!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

hope you had a great time!

Comment by Sarah

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