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group part two
December 14, 2007, 7:59 pm
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so today was baby group redux.  it was good.  heartbeat at a strong 160, and easier to find this time with the doppler.  i just love hearing that sound.  woosh woosh woosh woosh.  baby is also swimming around A LOT today.  it’s a total disco dance party in there.  sometimes it feels so effing weird i just don’t know what to do with myself.  i love every minute of that. 

with my (likely) PCOs and Dad with type II diabetes, i’m on my way for a glucose test in January.  otherwise, no real news, which is good.  i had them print out a copy of our u/s report from three weeks ago.  i’m still measuring 5 days ahead of my LMP date.  hopefully this is just the +/- four days thing and not a sign of a big baby (and then likely gestational diabetes).  i’m very afraid of the gestational diabetes.  we learned today that there’s an increased chance of a c-section with it.  not to mention everything else.  bah. 

group was good.  today’s main topic was "discomforts of pregnancy."  i don’t have many really, so i’m lucky.  our whole group seemed to be doing okay, which is great.  the midwife just went over a whole bunch of them and then we talked about remedies/helpful tips.  it was nice.  i’m not shy to ask most questions like i thought i would be.  i think a lot of that is because i’ve already benefited from others questions, so i feel more confident asking my own. 

one very very very good thing that i learned today is that my clinic will not just automatically give me an episiotomy.  this makes me very happy.  i’m fully aware that i will (with 99% likelihood) tear and need some stitches, but i think that is better in the long run than just having all of that deep tissue cut into for no good reason (most of the time) other than to make life easier for the practitioner. 

the midwife also stressed how important it is for the baby to get instant skin-skin contact with mom whenever possible.  as soon as baby is out, they will put him/her right on my chest.  the goal is for baby to find his/her way to the breast and start feeding.  if something happens and this can’t happen, they ask your partner to strip off their shirt and have skin-skin time.  it makes perfect sense to me.  this can help regulate their heartbeat as well as expose them to the good bacteria on your skin. 

i am REALLY liking this clinic.  they’re very holistic, but not unrealistic either.  there are goals, and things that get in the way of those goals and they’re totally good with that.  as the midwife said today, it’s great to have a birth plan, as long as you’re prepared to throw it out the window.

i’m happy.  our baby is swimming and dancing like crazy still.  our. baby.  i believe in baby now.  with everything i have. 


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It’s all sounding good.

Comment by Caro

Maybe Wee is going to be a synchronized swimmer.

Comment by carlarey

Go Baby Wee! Dance!
So happy for you, my dear.

Comment by May

How wonderful for you! So happy you are feeling optimistic and enjoying your pregnancy.

Comment by Cate

The clinic sounds very very good. We’ll talk this week.

Comment by chicklet

It all sounds wonderful! The group thing sounds interesting. They offer that at my clinic, but I don’t know how popular it is. I live too far away, so it didn’t work for my schedule.
Good luck on the GD stuff. Maybe you’ll miss it. Or it will miss you. You know what I mean.

Comment by furrow

Oh, this all so wonderful and I am so happy that you believe in baby. I hope to get there soon too.

Comment by Nicole

WOW – your pregnancy is moving along so great. I am really, really happy for you!!

Comment by Lady In Waiting

I didn’t want to point this out, but your post sounds like you (she writes in a whisper) might actually be enjoying things these days, no?
Good for you! And I am digging your earth-mother-vibe clinic. Very cool.

Comment by Ms. Planner

I can feel your optimism in every word of this post.

Comment by niobe

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