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November 16, 2007, 5:05 pm
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hi there.  sorry for the radio silence.  not much to report, i suppose.  for that i am grateful, but it makes me a bad blogger.

our trip to Tofino was wonderful.  it was grey and rainy just like it’s supposed to be around here.  we took the puppy to the beach for a long walk one of our days there — but only one because she was so cold and sandy by the time we got back to the car we couldn’t bear to do it to her again.  she had a great time too.  the house we rented had a lovely view, of the bay side though – not the ocean.  it was a nice place, only the beds and the furniture just sucked.  i can certainly understand not wanting to put your best furniture in a rental property (especially if you allow dogs as this one did), but not to even have a comfy couch?  silliness.  we had a great storm the night before we left, which made for waves that rated "extreme" on the wave hazard signs the next day as we were leaving.  there was to be a surfing competition in town the next day, so we headed to the beaches to see if we could see people practicing.  sure enough, we did.  we got to watch people basically getting their assess kicked by the ocean which was simultaneously scary and fun.  this trip was right at the end of a very busy time for me at work, so it was perfect.  i was really able to let go and just relax, knit, nap, and read.  it was lovely. 

also?  i swear that during one of my many naps while we were away my tummy firmly popped right out.  it was growing before, but it just felt different after this nap.  looked different too.  Husband confirmed.  it still just blows my mind.  this is really happening.  people think i’m insane for still doubting this, but i’m not sure how NOT to. 

today was our first group session at the birth clinic.  it was good.  i’m more of a loner than a group kind of person, but i think this will be really good for us.  our group is being run by a midwife, and a doctor is also there as a kind of co-facilitator.  there are nine preggo ladies and some partners as well.  when you get there you have to "do your stations" meaning you weigh yourself, pee in a cup and dip your own stick in there to test your protein and glucose levels, and take your blood pressure using an automatic machine.  then people can just mingle around for the first 20 minutes to half an hour while the midwife does "belly checks" — measuring the fundus and checking the baby’s heart rate with the doppler.  we then came back together as a group and all introduced ourselves, learned more about how the groups and clinic works, and flipped through our binders that the clinic provides.  there was an ice-breaker activity (i usually can’t stand such things — i was serious with that loner comment), which was actually okay.  i had to keep reminding myself that part of the reason i’m there is to meet new people but i think i did really well.  after that there was another break with more belly checks, and then we all came back together as a group and talked about nutrition and healthy pregnancies.  lots of people asked questions and it was really good.  i can see how you can really learn a whole lot more in a group setting because you get to be privy to everyone else’s questions which can either be things you were embarrassed to ask or that you hadn’t even thought of yet.  i really like the format.  there are opportunities to talk to the dr. or midwife in private if you wish and the belly checks are just you and your partner and the midwife but the focus is on the groups.  if you ask a question during one-on-one time you will be encouraged to take it to the group instead so that everyone can benefit.   i’m liking it.  it makes sense to me and it works. 

i’m proud to report that at our belly check Wee’s heartbeat was a lovely 150 bpm.  Wee is still with us, and going strong.  i of course got all teary again.  our "big" detailed ultrasound is next friday.  i’ve a certain level of anxiety about it, but overall i’m positive about it.  this will be our first diagnostic anything as i opted out of the triple screen and was not offered a nuchal fold u/s.  because of that aspect i’m a little anxious, but i’m believing in Wee right now.   

my blood pressure was alarmingly high when i first got to the clinic but i think it was because i’m just so anxiety ridden once i get any where near a doppler, and i was just plain old nervous about the group thing….not to mention how it was going to work with our extraordinarily talkative friend being there as well.  her being there was actually okay.  hopefully it will remain so.  i was civil and such and just kept trying to mix it up by meeting other people when the opportunity arose.  i know that her being there can only impact my experience as much as i allow her to (see the positive thinking there?).  big. girl. pants.  that’s all i’m saying.  and it was fine.  it really was.   anyway, my blood pressure was down to normal levels right before we left, so that was good. 

so there you have it.  if you want to know more about our birth program let me know and i’ll send you the link.  it’s a really unique and rather wonderful place.  we’re so lucky….on so many levels. 

okay, i’m off for a celebratory burger with Husband.  sorry for being a bad blogger recently.  i’ve been reading lots, but commenting little.  thinking of each and every one of you though. 


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I have to give you credit, I’m not sure I could handle a group clinic. But as long as you like it, why not?

Comment by Aurelia

Glad to hear everything is going well. My big ultrasound is scheduled for Tuesday morning. I am a little nervous as well. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear your results.

Comment by Cate

Yay for you and Wee. I’m proud of you both. I couldn’t handle the group birth classes, it was just way more sharing of the experience than I was comfortable with. I’m impressed that you were able to subdue your inner hermit and get out there.

Comment by carlarey

Glad Wee is doing well. That is a very interesting setting and I think like you would have been a little anxious. I am thrilled to hear it was a good experience for you though.

Comment by M

So glad to hear that you and Wee are doing well! Your birth class does sound interesting. I’m like you, I prefer to be a loner, so I don’t know if it would work for me, but I like the idea of birth classes.
I can’t wait to hear the update after the big ultrasound. Good luck! :)

Comment by Road Blocks and Roller Coasters

Glad to hear all is well but you know if you talk about bellies popping, that means you’re due to post a belly pic…

Comment by chicklet

I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well and you had a good birthing class. Good luck with the detailed appt. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Comment by Courtney

I’m so glad you had a nice relaxing vacation. I’m sure Wee enjoyed it as well. That birthing program sounds wonderful and I’m so happy to hear that everything with Wee is as it should be. Don’t worry about the blogging thing, you’ve been 10 times better than me lately!

Comment by Equipoise

wow, that sounds really cool. the group setting would be weird for me too, but still way better than being hurried in and out in 3 minutes. can’t wait to hear about the big scan!!

Comment by Sarah

So glad that you are enjoying your birth clinic etc. Being with a group would run my straight to the funny farm, but we both know how crazy I am. I would for sure spend the whole time comparing myself to everyone else. Crazy.

Comment by Nicole

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