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please go away
November 5, 2007, 8:06 am
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. . . merely meaning that there are more important places for you to be right now.

first of all, please go and visit Ann.  i can’t even imagine what they are going through right now.  i just can’t begin to imagine….it’s so unfair.  the universe can be a hateful bitch.  please go see Ann and leave her some love.

after that, go and vote for Mel.  Stirrup Queens is up for Best Medical/Health Issues Blog.  i know she wins hands down in my book, but let’s sing her praises to the world.  just a few clicks and you’re done!  Go Vote Now!

that’s all from me for the week.  i’ve finished all of my teaching for the semester, so i’ve taken the week off.  Husband and i are heading to Tofino tomorrow for three nights in a lovely waterfront suite.  puppy will come too.  kitty will enjoy some time at home without the puppy.  i can’t wait.

have a good week all.  xoxo


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Tofino is one of the lovliest spots on the planet. Enjoy your vacation.

Comment by carlarey

I’m with you on the Ann thing, it’s just awful. Enjoy your time away – much deserved.

Comment by chicklet

I’m so sad for Ann too.
Have a nice vacation. Hopefully there won’t be any fireworks to scare the pup!

Comment by ultimatejourney

I’m so sad about everything going on now too. It’s just too much to bear sometimes.
I hope you have a great vacation – it is well deserved! And I’m sure kitty will be throwing a party in your honor :)

Comment by Kristen

Have a great time away for the weekend.

Comment by Merideth

Update–how was Tofino?

Comment by Mel

Yes, update please. How are you doing?

Comment by May

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