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post-halloween puppy hangover
November 1, 2007, 2:52 pm
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first of all, thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes!  the hallo-birthday was a success, and the ravioli was delicious (and even more delicious as lunch today). . . the only casualty (aside from my maternal age) was our puppy, Neko.  you see, here in vancouver,  halloween = fireworks.  this is nothing but perplexing to me, but it’s true. i suppose this isn’t necessarily terrible unless you happen to live in a neighbourhood like mine — within a stone’s throw of two fly-by-night transient fireworks shops — AND have a neighbour who spent no less than $400 on fireworks at said stores.  oh, and then fired them off from 7pm – 11pm straight.  our poor puppy was in a panic.  there was NOTHING we could do to soothe her.  i can’t imagine how the parents of little ones nearby felt about the firework family, but i’m sure they were not happy thoughts. 

she’s fine now, if not a bit hungover from all of the stress.

poor neko

poor neko

also?  yes, she is clothed.  she was forced into sweater-wearing-puppydom by an evil, evil groomer who did us all wrong… the bitch shaved her right down, AND still charged us the cost of a full grooming.  we were (and still are) livid.  the groomer said that she was “too matted” to groom properly, but we had been able to brush her thoroughly just the night before she went in.  my theory is that Neko* got wiggly (as a one year old will) and she got impatient.   not only did she shave her, but as her fur is growing back it’s evident that even the shave job was shoddy because she’s growing back all patchy.  hence the clothing.  poor puppy.

   *for all of you astute readers who know that Neko means ‘cat’ in japanese….we knew too.  she was just quite cat-like as a baby-puppy and we liked the sound of it.  don’t tell her though, she might get a complex.


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Oh Neko looks right pissed, she does. Poor baby lamb.

Comment by Ms. Planner

AWWW poor Neko…she’s still soooo cute!

Comment by Meghan

Poor doggy. My kitties hate fireworks also.

Comment by Samantha

Poor little guy. It’s hard to be a dog. Too matted to groom properly? Well, then if he wasn’t groomed properly, then you shouldn’t have been charged for a “proper grooming”. Sheesh.

Comment by Nicole

poor puppy. we have some fireworks freaks in our neighborhood, too. gets all the dogs going crazy.

Comment by furrow

hilarious picture!! happy belated birthday and hope your vacation is/was wonderful!!

Comment by Sarah

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