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happy hallo-birthday to me….
October 31, 2007, 8:40 am
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little megan

little megan

despite the announcement here of my day of origin….i’m feeling very low-key about this birthday.  the only thing i want is for wee to keep on growing and to be healthy.  i can’t imagine wanting anything else right now….but i suppose i’ll take a steak dinner this weekend at Hy’s….:)  tonight, we’re staying in and candying the little ones, then ordering my favourite take-out ravioli.  sounds perfect.

i suppose today officially makes me of “advanced maternal age” too…:)  do you think that any applicable numbers/statistics/whathave you made a sudden swing at the stroke of midnight??

happy halloween to you all….go be spooky! xoxo


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Happy Birthday….I wish for wee one to keep growing too!! Have a great one.

Comment by M

Ooh! Fabulous! Happy birthday! So you’re “advanced” now, huh? Well, then that should just mean you’ll be better at the pregnancy thing than ever before, right?. The wee one is lucky.

Comment by furrow

Happy Hallo-Birthday to yoooou!

Comment by JJ

Happy Birthday to you! And many many wishes for the most joyful and lovely year, and for every year from now on to be an improvement on the last.
(‘Advanced’ be bothered. This is 2007, not 1957. I say we’re not ‘advanced’ until we’re 45 and so jolly well there).

Comment by May

Happy Birthday Megan…..thanks for the candy you will be getting your when you least expect it!!!!!

Comment by Meghan

Happy Birthday!

Comment by Equipoise

Happy birthday, birthday twin! I hope you have a year filled with everything good.

Comment by Alexa

Happy Birthday! I hope you’re doing something fun, and that the wee one is growing strong. :-)

Comment by Sticky Bun

Happy Birthday!

Comment by My Reality

Happy birthday! I doubt that stroke of midnight’s made any difference at all.

Comment by Bea

Happy birthday!

Comment by Caro

If that is a bathrobe you are wearing in the photo, I’m sure I had the very same one.
Your birthday ravioli sounds perfect to me. Enjoy!

Comment by carlarey

Happy belated birthday! Hope the ravioli was good!

Comment by Nikole

Happy, happy birthday! I hope all of your wishes come true :)

Comment by Ms. Planner

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