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i hate pants
October 24, 2007, 1:01 pm
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and pants hate me. 

damnit.  i just got back to my desk after walking about 10 minutes to go and get some lunch and i practically had to keep one hand on the top of my pants the whole way. . . to top it off, while i was managing to hold my pants up, my underwear would have slid right down to my ankles if i had not been wearing said pants.   

i’m in a rather sucky time where my regular pants are too uncomfortable.  i can get them ON, but the pressure they exert on my uterus is completely unacceptable, even WITH the be11a band.  add my extreme bloat from constipation and much gas PLUS ligament pain and you get a nearly doubled-over pregnant lady (okay?  i admit it!) considering taking her pants RIGHT OFF in the middle of a meeting.  while the Gut and Gas issues seem to be calming down, I just couldn’t handle it all again today and decided to bite the bullet and pull on my maternity jeans (they’re just like that but jeans) instead.  they were fine and i was happy about it this morning, but after my walk, i’m ready to die.  i literally had to yank these things up every three steps or so.   what’s a girl with a very pressure sensitive uterus to do?  i’ve no idea.

sigh.  i’m anxious for a belly to hold my pants up.

and for a flu shot too.  the campus had a flu shot clinic today, but they wouldn’t give me one after i told them i was pregnant. . . i need consent from my doc.  oh well, now i get to leave work early on friday to get one from my GP.   excellent.

hope you all are well.  xoxo 


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Sorry, but I did laugh at your pants, especially the idea of you just yanking them right off in the meeting…
Have you considered braces?

Comment by May

I so feel your pain. Although…I did have to laugh at your description…so true.

Comment by M

I’m still yanking my pants up every five seconds. But I totally hear you – I don’t like anything tight across my belly. I couldn’t do a bella band at all!
Isn’t it all so great though?! (I felt the baby move for the first time yesterday and suddenly I’m euphoric. LOL.)

Comment by Cara

Hrm. My ute is actually pretty darn sensitive, but it’s down low where it hurts. For whatever reason my bella band doesn’t bother it.
Suspenders maybe? :)
I think the reason you need the ok from your doctor is because the regular flu shots have some byproduct ingredient which with mercury. Call your OB to be sure, I could be talking out my ass… because I thought that they RECOMMENDED that pregnant women get flu shots. Maybe your office can give you one? That’s where I’m getting mine next week.

Comment by serenity

All of my mat pants are either low riders or have loose gaucho-type tops. I’ve especially had trouble at the end with them wanting to slip all the way down under my belly. So here’s what I do, and it may work for you, too. Get some good, long tank tops. You know the kind with the bra shelf? They’re nice and structured. I started with regular ones, but eventually had to go with maternity ones. Anyway, if they’re long enough, they’ll come down fairly tight over the top of your pants and create a little suction action, but because the squeeze is distributed, it won’t hurt.

Comment by furrow

I just said the hell with it and bought maternity clothes. Yeah, I’m 13 weeks and have just a mini-bump. But my clothes didn’t fit and were so uncomfortable. I’m happy now that I’m wearing them. We’ve all waited this long to get pregnant- I say wear the maternity stuff and milk every moment from them as possible.

Comment by mrs spock

Maternity dresses with knee high socks? Pretty.

Comment by carlarey

Heck, I was in maternity dress pants at 12 weeks. Then again, however, I have the kind of wonderful pants (Duo Maternity) that look just like regular pants, only with elastic. But yes, I had the issue with my jeans nearly falling down at choir rehearsal. I had tried unbuttoning them, but the zipper just went right down!

Comment by Ann

Hmm, no suggestions except maybe you should work on growing a bigger ass to help your pants stay up? A pint of Haagen Daaz every night should do the trick :)

Comment by cate

Good luck with the pants! Maybe you’ll to switch to all dresses.
You know, the RE’s clinic told me not to get a flu shot, even thought I might be pregnant, which surprised me, the RE I spoke with said he didn’t like risking unnecessary drugs in the first trimester. Of course, you’re past that now, but it is a little odd they said pregnant women should get flu shots, but then I also hear this conflicting advice.

Comment by Samantha

About the flu shot, my midwife wants me to get the shot, but they only allow it after 1st trimester.

Comment by m

i too thought my pants would stay up better when my belly got bigger, but it was not the case. there are just certain brands that seem to stay up well (old navy and gap, if the right size), and those that always fall down no matter what. in addition to finding certain brands work i better for me, i also noticed, esp in the earlier days, that pants with a stretchy fabric waist AND a drawstring made a big difference (and a lot of those are even the cheapo ones, like target and motherhood). good luck!!!

Comment by Sarah

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