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longest, most static filled drumroll ever
October 18, 2007, 7:56 pm
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well, it would seem as if i’m really pregnant with a living baby.

my visit with the midwife today was good, but included the longest, static-iest, nerve-wracking-est, doppler session EVER.  it took FOREVER to find the heartbeat. 

but we found it, nice and clear and strong.  and that’s what’s most important.

that rush of relief after finding out that things are okay is just incredible.  i can’t compare that feeling with anything else i’ve ever felt. 

i suppose it’s really true, ladies and gentlemen.  wow.

now i just have to arrange for my detailed ultrasound at 18/19 weeks.  get this though — they won’t tell us if it’s a boy or a girl until after 20 weeks, so we might not get to find out until after the baby is born.  i asked the midwife about just waiting until the time when they would tell us, but she didn’t recommend it as the detailed u/s is also a diagnostic tool….. long (and slightly confusing) story short, it looks like we might not get to find out what kind of baby we’re having.  not that it really matters, we just thought it would be fun to know. . .

okay, i’m off.  disastrous dog grooming story to tell you next time.  my poor baby is nearly bald.  i’m still considering killing the groomer. . .



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Comment by Caro

Great news about the heartbeat. The first time for us took a while to find the h/b too – but the relief I felt made me feel almost giddy. I’m so glad you got to experience that.

Comment by serenity

Yay! What good news. They couldn’t find the heartbeat when I went for my first doppler either. Nerve-wracking!! I’m glad they were able to find one for you and it sounds so good and strong!

Comment by Coffeegrl

I am thrilled you finally found the heartbeat yesterday. That little one is already have a good time with you.
As for not finding out the gender…wow. Hopefully you will get a nice tech that will let the info slip. :D

Comment by M

Great news! Pull out the maternity pants!

Comment by cate

Okay, now to start with the swaybacked walk and refusal to lift anything heavier than a milkshake. Congrats on a strong heartbeat.

Comment by carlarey

That is wonderful news! I bet you are just beaming with happiness! Strange that you don’t get to know the sex of the baby…but as long as it’s healthy, great! Right? I’m so happy for you. :-)

Comment by Equipoise

Congratulations! Again! At my mw appointment today, I could hear a doppler session going on and on and I wondered if it was a first attempt. Eventually I heard laughter, so I assume it was all good. What a fabulous sound that little thumpity-thump is.

Comment by furrow

Good to hear:-)

Comment by chicklet

Isn’t hearing that heartbeat wonderful?
That seems odd that they won’t tell the sex of the baby…I’ve known several folks who have the ultrasound at 18-19 weeks and learn the gender…

Comment by Mrs Spock

Great news! How weird about the ultrasound timing and the sex of the baby–well, I guess you’ll just have to go with it.

Comment by Samantha

I’m so happy for you. I wish I could have seen your face when you heard the heart-beat!
As for not knowing what flavour the baby is until it is born, well, twice as much fun arguing about possible names, no?

Comment by May

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