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October 16, 2007, 1:33 pm
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hey gang…. how is everyone?

i’m hanging in there.  i bought two pairs of maternity pants over the weekend but have yet to wear them to work because i haven’t announced yet….  tempting fate or merely logical as my pants don’t fit well at all any more?  who can say.  my next appointment is this coming thursday (the 18th).  if i hear a heartbeat on the doppler at that appointment, i’m through keeping secrets.  i figure if i hear a heartbeat then, i’m good and safe.  i’ll be 14 weeks on friday the 19th.  i’m calling that the second trimester.  i decided to use the most conservative date out there as my guide….i’m vowing to stop fussing and only speculating that i may be pregnant after that date.  let’s see how well it works. 

i was sad to see so many of you acknowledging october 15th.  i couldn’t do anything to commemorate the date.  i just couldn’t.  i know that’s okay too…i’m just saying…it would have been too hard for me right now.

so, appointment thursday…i’m looking forward to it.  each day i gain a bit of confidence.  hopefully that won’t all be crushed for me.  i’m finally starting to believe…

i don’t have a lot to say right now.  i’m just exhausted.  i’ve a lot of teaching to do this week and at the end of the month.  teaching is not my favourite thing…i don’t feel that i’m very good at it.  my patience wears thin (surprise!) and i start thinking “just do it!  do what i’m telling you to do!!”  today was an easy class day though because it was a graduate seminar.  those are easy as i just let the students tell me what they’re having trouble with and i go from there.  undergrads are harder….three undergrad classes tomorrow and one on thursday.  then i get a break and only have two teaching hours the following week.  the week of the 29th though?  ouch.  teaching for hours and days on end.  eek.  at least i have some of the temp librarians to help me through it.

we took puppy went to an agility workshop on sunday.   it was a lot of fun….but she was SO excited all morning that she was just vibrating from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail.  it was an introduction to agility session and a fund raiser for the BCS.PCA.  with much coaxing and being led by treats in hand, she jumped over gates, jumped through the tire,  walked the plank, and all sorts of stuff.  it was great fun.  as you can see below, she surely enjoyed herself. 

scruffy neko

scruffy neko


she’s SO scruffy right now….she gets groomed tomorrow.  also?  as we can’t find boarding for her for xmas, she will have to go to the re.x ho.tel….it’s a bit posh, don’t you think?  regardless, they’re huge and have lots of space during the holidays so it’s about our last option other than taking her with us.   

i’ll update after my appointment on thursday…it’s not until 5pm so you east coasters will have to wait a while. .  . :)


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glad to hear you are hanging in there! Good luck at your appointment…just wait until you can wear those comfy comfy maternity pants all day long. There is nothing like letting it all hang out with a pair of pants that have a soft waistband!

Comment by cate

Good luck at the appointment Thursday.
Cute dog too:-)

Comment by chicklet

I can’t wait to hear the update. My fingers are crossed for you and I’m hoping you’ll only hear good news…then you can wear those spiffy new pants with pride! I’ll be thinking of you Thursday! *hugs*

Comment by Equipoise

Woo hoo! Maternity pants! Best. things. ever. I waited way too long to get some. Can’t wait to hear about Thursday.
Hey there, cute pup!

Comment by furrow

Your puppy looks absolutely adorable!
Keep us posted after Thursday!

Comment by Samantha

And with the maternity pants comes the official “I have a valid excuse for getting out of anything I don’t want to do” time. It’s terrific. Any men around the office are just terrified that you will cry or start talking about pregnancy details, so they stay well away.

Comment by carlarey

Thinking of you on Thursday and just hoping and wishing for all the best so you can make that big announcement. I cannot believe your first tri has flown by (although I am certain you do not feel that way about it).

Comment by Ms. Planner

I used the most conservative estimates too. And I’ve still been cautious going into every appointment, but it’s getting easier.
Good luck tomorrow!

Comment by ultimatejourney

I couldn’t do anything on the 15th either. I’m looking forward to hitting 14 weeks tomorrow along with you.

Comment by Caro

Meh. Students. I keep reminding myself that these are the intellectual cream of the nation, but, really, meh just about sums it up.
Doggy cuteness!
Also, Maternity Pants! Hurrah!
Thinking of you.

Comment by May

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