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never keep a skeptic waiting like this. . .
October 4, 2007, 11:56 am
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lordy.  sorry i’ve been so absent.  i’ve been sleeping.  and cleaning the house.  my parents are due to arrive from michigan tomorrow morning.  i’ve been cleaning bits and pieces of the house since sunday. . .

i’m VERY excited though.  i love having my parents around, and love it even more when they’re here for thanksgiving.  the husband and i go shopping for turkey dinner stuff tonight.  i can’t wait. 

supposedly i’m still pregnant.  nothing to indicate otherwise, but little to actually cement this fact in my brain.  b**bs only moderately tender when i poke at them.  i still hiccup all of the time.  tired all of the time.  otherwise, i feel nearly completely normal.   who can say.  the doctors told me on the 26th that i was still preggo and we even heard the heartbeat on the doppler, so you would think that i would be convinced.  not just yet though it seems. 

so, today i am 11w6d.  tomorrow i will be 12 weeks.  tomorrow i stick the last of my prometrium up my hoo-ha.  but tell me, wise ladies, tell me….when do i hit the second trimester?  i feel so stupid, but i can’t seem to get a concrete answer on this.  so tell me, when is it?  tomorrow?  when i’m 13w0d?  14w0d?  i can’t effing decide and/or figure it out.  please help the addled….

i’ve only told two close friends at work (plus my boss).  i was thinking of allowing them to spill my secret after thanksgiving (Canadian thanksgiving, you know…) as i will be in the middle of week 12 then.  however, the skeptic has since taken over again and now i’m thinking of waiting until after october 18th (13w6d) when i have an appointment at the birth clinic and will hopefully get to hear the little human again.  i know it’s a very personal decision and all, but what would you do?   i’ve entertained the idea of never telling them, and just continuing to get bigger and bigger (supposedly) and watch people twitter.  i can hear it now. . 
"do you think she knows?"
"shouldn’t someone tell her?" 
"she’s a health sciences librarian, you would think she would KNOW."
i think it would be fun.  it wouldn’t be that i don’t KNOW, just that i’m simply not CONVINCED.

so, i’m out of blogland for a while while my parents visit.  i’ll be doing some major catching up next week.  happy thanksgiving to all of the Canadians out there, and happy long weekend to those down south. . .    


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Have a great time hun. I am with you on minimal symptoms and it is scary. My b**bs hurt on and off….I can’t even poke hard enough. I think I would wait til after the next appt, but I am a skeptic too. ((HUGS))

Comment by M

I had the same confusion about when I offically was in the 2nd trimester (because it is so important for me to know the EXACT date!). I asked my dr’s office, and even the nurses were debating among themselves. Their conclusion: at 13w 0d. Hope that helps!

Comment by Jen

Hehe, I was going to post that according to babycenter and my pregnancy book, the second trimester begins at 14w0d. :)
I started telling people at work, but mostly it’s because I’m showing already. Hopefully I haven’t “jinxed” anything and we’ll get to hear the Squish next week at our OB appointment.
But I SO get the fear. It seems to ebb with the more people I tell. And frankly, I have no indication that this is NOT going well, so I suppose I should just let myself enjoy it, right?
*hug* Hang in there. And happy Thanksgiving!!

Comment by serenity

I have a very good friend who never told anyone (ANYONE) she was expecting until after 5 months along. We all knew. Some of us asked her outright, and she, sitting there with her burgeoning basketball belly, would always say no, and then we would feel stupid and awful. It was her news. She had all the rights to it and we had none. And I think that is great.

Comment by Emily

Happy Thanksgiving!

Comment by Samantha

Enjoy your weekend with your parents and Happy Thanksgiving!
I am glad you are doing well on the pregnancy front and hope things continue to stay that way.

Comment by My Reality

I would wait til after the birth. At least, that’s the current plan, and we’ll see how it goes.
In case you wanted to drop a little hint or two sooner, you are at very very low risk of probs as of your last scan, but it won’t hurt to wait til after the next one if you’re not feeling comfortable. That’s my 2c.

Comment by Bea

Yeah, that first trimester thing is a mystery to me. As far as I can tell, it depends on where you look. One place says 12 weeks, one 13, and yet another 14. You’d think there would just be a clear answer, no? Anyhow, I hope you have a great visit with the ‘rents and a happy thanksgiving!

Comment by Sticky Bun

I didn’t really show until I was more than six months. It seemed like a pretty sure bet at that point, so I started letting people know I wouldn’t be any taking projects with deadlines in early March. My boss was utterly gobsmacked. Priceless.
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Comment by carlarey

I don’t when exactly the 2nd trimester begins, but you have a fetus instead of an embryo and you’ve made it pretty darn far! Fingers crossed!

Comment by SaraS-P

I love Thanksgiving. Do you go home and have the American one, too? That would be cool.
I had the 2nd trimester confusion, myself. I say split the difference and go with 13 weeks. It bugged me when I would tell someone I was 15 weeks and they’d still call it my 1st trimester. I think I told everyone at work in my 15th week. I thought I looked totally obvious, but now I can’t always tell when someone is 20 weeks pregnant. My husband thinks my midwife is pregnant, based on seeing her yesterday, but I didn’t even notice. Of course, I was a bit pre-occupied.
Tell whenever you feel like it. It’s great news, and everyone will be so happy for you.

Comment by furrow

Happy Thanksgiving, eh!(Sorry I couldn’t resist).
I cannot wait for the day that this really sinks in for you. While I think you are darn smart to feel skeptical after what you have been through, I also think you deserve all the joy, too.

Comment by Ms. Planner

I think 2nd Tri starts 13w0d. I myself couldn’t keep the cat in the bag and told those who asked about my Preggie Pops at work. Of course it spread like wildfire…

Comment by mrs spock

HAPPY SECOND TRIMESTER!!!! Woohoo, 12 weeks is a great milestone! hope you have a great visit with your parents.

Comment by Sarah

I don’t think you’re obligated to tell anyone you work with until you get to the very end and need to discuss mat. leave options.
I would be caught between really enjoying messing with people’s heads and the sheer joy of sharing the news, so do what feels right to you :)

Comment by sharah

I was so happy to turn 13 wks because I thought it meant I was in the second tri – but actually I think it’s 14. Or in my case 16 going on 17. ;-)
So glad to hear things are going well!

Comment by Cara

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