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September 26, 2007, 2:54 pm
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we got to hear the heartbeat today.  it was so wonderful.  amazing.  surreal.

every time that i hear good news about this pregnancy i am nearly overcome over by such a sense of relief.  i exhale and feel as if i haven’t done so for weeks.  i breathe, and try to take it all in.   i feel happy, but it’s far from pure joy, it’s most definitely relief.   the happy and the joy don’t come until later.  then i start crying all over again. 

my next appointment is october 18th.  then we start our group in november!  i still can’t believe it.

i can’t remember how much about our birth clinic i’ve told you.  it’s SUCH a cool place.  drs and midwives work collaboratively, AND a doula is provided.  after your first few visits, you’re placed in a group of 8-10 other women/couples who are all due around the same time.  each meeting has one-on-one dr/midwife + mom time as well as group prenatal classes / discussions.  it’s a very cool, collaborative thing, and full of just wonderful people.  i like them so well there that i let myself get felt up twice after a pap smear — once by the dr. and once by a midwife student.  THAT’s practically love, no?

the only thing that has changed is that the doctor prefers to keep my dates more on the conservative side.  so according to the ultrasound tech on september 5, i’m 11w3d today.  my doctor is sticking with 10w6d which is more true to my LMP + my wonky cycle.  i’m okay with that i suppose.  conservative is best, right.

now come decisions about how much testing i want to do.  i COULD have the triple screen done (blood test) to determine my risk for trisomy 18, downs, and spina bifida.  i was planning on it, but the doctor today warned me that it has a high rate of false positives.  also, the test only detects 75% of cases of downs, 85% of open spina bifida, and 60% of trisomy 18.  this plus my doctor telling me that there is a high rate of false positives is really making me reconsider.  i’m anxious enough already.  do i really need a positive test result that could likely be false to add to the anxiety?  i just don’t know.   i’m not eligible for a free nuchal screen.  i could pay for one privately, but don’t have a clue how much that would cost me and don’t know how reliable they are either.  i’m mostly remembering two other bloggers that did the NT scan and ended up having to do amnio because of questionable results.  my doctor is not in favour of amnio….  la, la, la…. in short, i’m not sure what to do.   should i just wait for my 18 week detailed ultrasound or take a blood test that could possibly make me insane?  lots to think about. 

anyway, i couldn’t be more thrilled to have actually heard wee’s heartbeat.  i don’t think it has sunk in the whole way yet.  Husband and i had to leave the clinic and rush off to work.   but we heard it.  we really did.  wee is still alive!  it’s simply glorious and amazing.  i’m going to hold that close for now and worry about the testing later. 

i know this is getting long but i just want to take a little moment to express my love and appreciation for you all again.  your support means so much to me.  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. . . i can’t imagine getting through this without you. 


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So so happy for you…

Comment by JJ

woo hoo! I just love hearing your good news! Yay, wee!

Comment by furrow

How much testing is a tough call. As anxious as you have been, and the rate of false positives, I’d skip the blood test and wait for the ultrasound, which will practically tell you where Wee is going to college.

Comment by carlarey

Congrats on the HB! Hopefully, more relief is in your future!

Comment by SaraS-P

I am so overly thrilled to hear this new. Congrats!!!

Comment by M

Hooray! I’m so glad you got to experience the joy of hearing a wonderful heartbeat. :)

Comment by Coffeegrlj

Your happy news about heartbeats and lovely birth clinics has made me all smiles after a hard day. Thanks for that!
As for the various tests on offer, I’d take the path that’ll lead to the least anxiety for you. You’ve done your life-time quota of anxious already, you see. So whatever gives you the most much-deserved peace.

Comment by May


Comment by ali

you’ll know what feels right on the testing. i loved my nuchal scan; it was the best of my ultrasounds because it was the first time we saw something humanoid bouncing around and doing sommersaults. but i debated about it too, so i can see both sides. ultimately i decided not doing it was causing me to worry more so i went for it.

Comment by Sarah

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