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September 25, 2007, 2:26 pm
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well, they suck when you rear-end someone on the way to doggy day-care / work. 
yes, i did it.  it was all my fault.  as far as i can tell, it was VERY minor.  there is NO damage to my car, but the bolts from my front license plate made lovely bolt-shaped dings on the other lady’s bumper. 

neko the puppy and i are fine.  the woman that i hit is fine.  hopefully she is as reasonable as she seems.  i really wasn’t going fast.  we were sitting at a red light and traffic started to move.  i looked to the side and my lane had stopped.  i slammed on my brakes, but then it all went into slow motion when i realized i was going to hit her. 

i allowed myself to fret about being pregnant and in a car accident, but not for long as this really was quite minor.  more of a nuisance than anything else.  hopefully. 

under the happy thoughts category, our weekend away was lovely.  we were too sleepy to go kayaking on saturday though because neko is apparently a city puppy and didn’t adjust well to being in a cabin in the woods with many many windows.  every flicker of moonlight, sound, smell. . . she had to bark and howl at it.  i finally had to just restrain her like a little baby with colic until she gave up and fell asleep with me on the couch.  she was much better the second night….just in time for us to get up and head for the ferry home.  we did manage a nice hike instead of kayaking, which was nice.  it was just good to get away from the city. 

i’ve my first "real" pregnant lady appointment tomorrow with the birth clinic.  i’m anticipating that everything will be fine.  also trying not to stress about the fact that i don’t seem to feel all that preggo.  i type that as i’m dying to put my head on my desk and nap though so i’m chalking it all up to my neuroses.  feeling this way is what got me in for my second ultrasound and everything was FINE.  so i’m sure all is just FINE still, right?  right.  i’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow….


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Glad to hear everyone is okay and hope you have a wonderful experience tomorrow. Cannot wait to read about it.

Comment by M

OMG–I also got into an almost identical fender bender. It was so not a big deal car wise, but I couldn’t help but think, “great. I don’t get in an accident for year. I finally get pregnant and BAM.” Thankfully, they’re nice and cushioned.
I hope tomorrow’s appt goes well. Keep us posted…

Comment by Sticky Bun

I’m glad it was a very minor accident, if there had to be an accident. I can’t wait to hear how your appointment goes!

Comment by ultimatejourney

I’m sure everything is fine. I wish you luck on your appointment!

Comment by Equipoise

Good luck for tomorrow! And yes, everything is pointing at “fine”.

Comment by Bea

Glad to hear you are okay after the fender-bender. Doesn’t it suck to do something like that?
Sounds like Neko is giving you some good baby practice.

Comment by Merideth

Wow, glad to know it was a minor accident!
And can’t wait to hear the update tomorrow. Good luck.
Glad your vaca went well (even with a crazy pup).

Comment by Courtney

Yes, now is the waiting to feel “really” pregnant, not just tired. And also to start looking pregnant, so people can tell at a glance why you look like hell and appear to have molasses rather than blood flowing through your veins. And why you keep wearing the same pants over and over, because you aren’t big enough for maternity pants, but none of your regular pants will button.

Comment by carlarey

Hope the appointment goes well!

Comment by Mrs Spock

I’ve been in more near accidents since I’ve been pregnant than ever before in my life. I think fetuses are accident magnets. So glad everything is fine. Enjoy your appt, pregnant lady!

Comment by furrow

Hoping all goes well with the appointment. Your trip to Galiano Island sounds divine!

Comment by Ms. Planner

Sorry to hear about the accident but glad everything and everyone is ok……

Comment by Meghan

Anxiously awaiting an update from your appt…

Comment by Nikole

Welcome back!
For your sake, I hope the other driver is as good about it as they’ve said they’ll be – those things freak me out, to wait and see if they’ll get crazy and suddenly have pain? Ugh.
Good luck tomorrow:-)

Comment by chicklet

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