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September 17, 2007, 7:14 am
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dreams suck.  big time.

i wasn’t that concerned about my u/s this afternoon until this morning after a night of terrible dreaming.  this morning?  i’m a complete wreck.  i have to go alone because the husband has a full day at work that cannot be rearranged. 

why did i think this was a good idea?

i just don’t feel as pregnant as i did a week ago.  however, before i over-analyze myself to death here (which would be terribly boring blog fodder), i’m just going to go.  i’ll update this afternoon. 

this is going to be okay, right?  husband is sure of it.  why can’t i be so sure?  i so want to be.

please let wee be okay.

update after 1pm eastern pacific time.  see?  i don’t even know my time zone….



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Good luck, I’ll check back later.

Comment by Samantha

Hang in there. Best wishes.

Comment by Bea

Ill be sending you much luck and good thoughts…=)

Comment by JJ

Hang in there hon. I’m hoping all is well in there and this scan gives you a measure of peace.

Comment by serenity

Sending you all the best possible thoughts and wishing you the best of luck. And post an update as soon as you can!

Comment by Adrienne

Oh, dear. Thinking of you………. all kinds of positive thoughts.

Comment by furrow

I hope everything went well today at the u/s. thinking of you…

Comment by Sticky Bun

It is after 1 pacific time. I hope the news was fantastic, and will be waiting to hear from you.

Comment by My Reality

Hope all is well! Post soon .. .

Comment by ali

Just checking in from 7:00 p.m. EST. I hope you are well and everything went fine today.

Comment by Merideth

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