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another sneak peek coming soon
September 14, 2007, 2:09 pm
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hello gang of fabulous ladies.

not too much to report over here.  i’ve been all cramped up since sunday though, so i went in to see my GP today.  turns out i couldn’t get back in to see dr. soap (the ob of my d&c and the recent u/s and prometrium prescription) without a re-referral (!), and i don’t have an appointment with the birth clinic until the 26th. . . so there was but one other choice.  stop in to see my GP.  i adore her. 

she just totally gets it.  i may have mentioned to you before that she has IVF twins which alone tells you how much she gets it.  even more than i do.  :)  anyway, i told her about my crampy self and she is convinced that it is just ligament pain.  we talked about pulling out the doppler, but at 9w5d we didn’t want to risk it.  too early. 

however, she’s sending me in for an ultrasound on MONDAY to ease my mind.  yahoo! 

she got a very sweet smile on her face and said, "now they might say unkind things about your doctor for this. . . "  i assured her that i would straighten them out immediately and tell them that i am simply a problem patient and she did what she had to do to get me out of her office.

because of all of the cramping, i have a small amount of anxiety about the scan on monday but not nearly as much as the last time.  i don’t yet know if the husband can come along.  i hope so, but this is so last minute he might have a full day at work already scheduled.   we’ll see.

have a great weekend everyone.  i’ll update monday.   


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I was crampy as hell the first 11 weeks. Only in the last week or so have things calmed down. And I LOVE your GP – why can’t they all be like that?
Best of luck w/Monday’s u/s!

Comment by Adrienne

I heart your GP too! We need more doctors who get it out there. Best of luck on Monday. I really feel v. hopeful for you.

Comment by Merideth

I second Merideth–we definitely need more doctors who get it!
Have a great weekend, and I’ll be thinking of you Monday!

Comment by Sticky Bun

I hope the peek brings nothing but great news!

Comment by My Reality

Cramping is good but definitely nerve wracking. If it is any consolation I am 2 days behind you in due dates and I have been cramping a lot this week. I am just chalking it up to a big growth spurt. Good luck at your appointment on Monday.

Comment by Cate

I’m 9+2, spotting and cramping, and everyth9ng is fine on u/s

Comment by Drowned Girl

I was worried about cramping at this stage too and my doc looked at me and said very calmly, “You have spent your entire adult female life working for flat abs. Those muscles are not going to give up easily.” And she was right.

Comment by carlarey

She sounds fabulous, I’m glad she’s so good to you. Good luck Monday.

Comment by chicklet

I hope you’re having a very uneventful weekend and everything will be fine on Monday! I’m glad your gp is so understanding.

Comment by Samantha

I’m so happy that you have such an understanding doctor. I was crampy on and off up to 20 weeks. I think if you’re prone to menstrual cramping, you’re more likely to cramp during pregnancy.
I hope tomorrow is another great day.

Comment by furrow

awesome, so glad you get another peek. hope all is well in there!

Comment by Sarah

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