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i can’t thank you guys enough
September 11, 2007, 10:40 am
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Husband and i were so touched by all of your well wishes.  you all are some amazing people.  thank you so much for your support.   it means so much to us. 

i just desperately wish that i had a magic wand that would put babies in all of your bellies. 

we’re very, very happy, though still a bit guarded.  no more appointments until september 26th, and even then no u/s.  it’s scary.  i hope the little wee’s heart is still thumping away in there. 

rise, little loaf, rise!

i am really loving that poem these days.  particularly the line, "vague as fog and looked for like mail."  so, so true. 

precious, glorious heartbeat and all, i’m still on the paranoid side.  i keep telling myself that i’ll be able to relax with confidence in october as i’ll be 13 weeks on October 7th.  that’s according to the u/s measurements anyway. . . which hold little in common with my own charting, but i suppose that doesn’t really matter.  who knows.  i wish i could get another peek at wee but i’ve no idea when i’ll have the chance.  my next appointment isn’t until september 26th and i’m fairly certain that there won’t be a u/s involved.  sad.  nerve-wracking.  


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nerve-wracking, yes. I get it – I’m there too. *sigh*
GREAT poem for your wee one. Love it.
Congratulations again!!!!

Comment by serenity

Did you ever think about renting a doppler? That was something that REALLY helped with my last pregnancy (my first after 2 miscarriages in a row). I started to be able to hear the heartbeat at around 10 weeks and used it intermittently until I could feel A. move. It was very soothing to me to be able to listen to A’s heartbeat any time I felt nervous or scared that all wasn’t going well.
Just a thought.

Comment by Cate

I was actually looking up dopplers to send you the info when I saw that comment. The inexpensive models don’t work until the 2nd trimester, but if rental is an option, well, peace of mind is priceless.

Comment by carlarey

I’m so with you, sister. It’s so hard to keep anxiety at bay in between ultrasounds and appointments. Here’s hoping that time flies until October 7, and that everything looks fabulous no matter what the time!

Comment by Sticky Bun

Yeah, I was wondering if they’d be able to use the doppler at your appt on the 26th. If you’re 10 or more weeks at that point, they might be able to hear it. We never rented one, but hearing the hb at each appt got us through a few weeks of anxiety. I even recorded it at one appt so that we could listen to it at home. It can be pretty tricky trying to find the hb on a small baby, so renting one and not finding it yourself may be more stress than it’s worth.

Comment by furrow

WOW!!!! i go away for a while and look what happens?!?!??!
OVERJOYED for you and your husband!!!!
hoping for some peace as it all slowly sinks in!

Comment by shlomit

Great poem! I am so glad that things are going well for you this pregnancy and hope that you can make until Sept. 26!

Comment by Samantha

If you make a fuss, a polite sweet fuss of course, they may well give you a u/s just to hush you up. In the nicest possible way.
Roll on week 13 and a happy relaxed pregnancy.

Comment by May

I think cautiously-optimistic suits you just nicely, my dear. I don’t know about dopplers or how to book an u/s on the sly, but I think that repeating your mantra and taking it day-by-day will work just fine for you. So happy for you…

Comment by Ms. Planner

this is the hardest part, good luck trying not to obsess and get some sleep at night. if i knew how to do it i’d share my secrets! i think only time makes it easier, but know that there is every reason to feel great about where you are now. sounds like you’re already doing a better job of savoring those moments than i ever did.

Comment by Sarah

Megan: Thanks for your comment yesterday. The beta was negative. I’ll hopefully put up a new post tomorrow but wanted to let you know. Merideth

Comment by Merideth

I love that poem. Thanks for sharing!
I agree that a doppler might ease your fears a bit. You might be able to hear it at 10-11 weeks unless you have a tilted uterus, in which it could take a bit longer.
I know time drags so slowly when you’re waiting to see your bean. I hope you can find some way to distract yourself until the 26th. XOXO

Comment by Kristen

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